I discovered the power of sound healing during my own transformative journey, and it played a large part in my own healing. I was in awe of the way that sound could transform people and experiences, and the power it had to heal body, mind and spirit.

From helping relax and recharge the body, to taking clients to deeper levels of meditation, healing emotional and physical issues in the body, to aiding with addiction and depression, the effects of sound really are transformational!

During my adventures across the world, my yoga and meditation teacher trainings in Bali and my time spent in LA, I was inspired to go deeper with sound meditation and it became the core of my own transformation as well as the practices I share with the world.

I run weekly outdoor sunset soundbaths and online virtual soundbaths, as well as 1-on-1, private and group sessions in-person or online.

I also offer corporate sessions for larger groups and teams, as well as private events and parties for a uniquely deep bonding experience for your team or friends.

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