Aligned Abundance – 6 Month Transformation Journey

Are you ready to….

Get clear on what you truly want and how to get there?

Live a life that feels more fulfilling and aligned with your true values and purpose?

Take the leap you’ve been waiting for in your career, relationships or lifestyle?

Let go of the anxiety, procrastination and mental blocks that are holding you back?

Create lasting change and ongoing practices that help transform your energy and your life?

Feel effortlessly abundant in all areas of your life as opportunities flow to you?

Feel supported on your journey to transformation and follow actionable steps and practices to help you get there?

Look back in 6 months and realise that you’ve changed your life?

Aligned Abundance

Aligned Abundance is a 6-month coaching program and guided transformation journey to help you move out of stuck-ness and create a life that is aligned with your highest purpose.

Abundance comes when we are living in-line with the truest version of ourselves. This course is designed to help you connect to yourself more deeply and create actionable steps and practices to help you shift your life from where you currently are into the one you dream about.

Through coaching and NLP techniques combined with meditation, sound healing, energy work, yoga, journalling and other healing practices, you will be guided into deeper connection with yourself, gain clarity on your vision and KNOW how to get there!

Do you dream of living life at your highest potential, feeling effortless in all that you do and empowered to live a life that is truly YOURS? Then Aligned Abundance is for you!

What’s Included:

Weekly Transformation Calls:

  • Weekly 60 minute call 121 with me which will combine a coaching session and action steps to take in your transformation journey, plus a live healing session in which I will share a transformation practice for you to experience and integrate into your healing and self-practice. Plus live Q&A & coaching to help support you on a weekly basis. Calls will be once a week scheduled at a regular day and time at your convenience. I will record all calls and practices so you can rewatch at any time!
  • 1 x 30 minute 1-2-1 Intro Coaching Call at the start of the course to identify your focuses for the 6 months.
  • 1 x 30 minute 1-2-1 Check-in Call (Month 3) to update and identify action steps.

Personalised Healing Sessions:

  • Personalised 1-on-1 healing sessions tailored to your needs and focuses for transformation. You can schedule these at any time, even last minute if you need emergency support!
  • 1 x 60 minute Sound Healing session per month.
  • 1 x 60 minute Reiki Healing session per month.

Weekly Resources:

  • Recorded practices, video classes, audio meditations, workbooks and journalling prompts to guide your growth between calls

Community & Support:

  • Unlimited Voxer Messaging access for direct contact with me to support & celebrate you throughout the process
  • Facebook Community for 24/7 support and inspiration from me and the other amazing, likeminded and aligned members of the my coaching programs for additional support, coaching, feedback and questions between calls.


  • Free access to all content & practices from my GLOW Intensive 4-week course and any other courses or workshops I launch.
  • PLUS free tickets to all my online events, full moon and new moon healing groups.
  • 20% off any additional 121 coaching, sound healing, reiki, or yoga classes you would like to book with me.

This is for you if….

  • You feel like you’re meant to do MORE with your life but you’re not clear on what it is or how to get there.
  • You’re ready to take the next step in your career, building your own business or creating a new lifestyle.
  • You’ve followed the path to “success” laid out by society, but are feeling like there’s something missing.
  • You want to make a change in your work, relationships or lifestyle but it feels like there’s something holding you back.
  • You’re stuck in unhealthy patterns, habits or limiting beliefs that you want to leave behind.
  • You feel like no one understands you and you’re longing for a community of like-minded souls to support you and cheer you on along this journey.

The Journey:

Transforming you life starts with transforming your energy. Over 6 months we will work through different elements of your life and different practices to help you shift your energy, belief system and the tools you you have to create the life you envision.


  • Get clear on your vision of what you want to create in your life and how to move towards it.


  • Identify your core values and purpose and learn how to live in alignment with these.


  • Learn how your daily routine can change your life.
  • Listen to your body and learn to work with your natural energy.
  • Let go of being busy and toxic patterns of achievement.


  • Learn how to set clear goals and boundaries to keep you aligned with yourself and your vision.
  • Cultivate daily practices to raise your vibration, keep you centred, focused and able to perform at your best
  • Let go of the overwhelm and procrastination that is keeping you stuck.


  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Release the mental and emotional blocks or patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • Learn how you can use NLP and coaching techniques to transform your mindset and your life.
  • Cultivate self-belief and confidence and overcome Impostor Syndrome.


  • Learn how to transform your energy, connect with abundance and become magnetic to aligned opportunities.
  • Reshape your relationship with money and success
  • Learn practices to support you in effortlessly manifesting abundance and fulfilment in all areas of your life.
  • Get the skills and tools to help you maintain your practice beyond this 4 weeks and into the rest of your life!

Your Investment

  • Weekly Coaching & Transformation Calls ($6000)
  • Additional 121 Intro & Check In Calls ($300)
  • Monthly 121 Healing Sessions ($2000)
  • Weekly Resources & Recorded Classes ($1500)
  • Facebook community access & support ($1000)
  • Like-minded community of people changing their lives (Invaluable!)


$1111 per month


Is there a set start date for the course?

This journey is all about you! You can start whenever you need to and we can start scheduling your coaching calls as soon as you’re ready!

Can I sign up for less than 6 months?

I have a 4-week 121 program, GLOW which you can take part in if you’re looking for a taster of 121 coaching. Or you can sign up to Aligned Abundance for 3 months initial commitment with the option to extend should you wish to complete the full course. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this option!

What results can you guarantee me?

The results you get from this program depend on the work you put in! However I can guarantee that by putting your heart & soul into this program and working through the course modules and practices each month you are going to get more aligned with your purpose and gain the confidence, self-belief and know-how to make the changes in your life you want to make! You could look back after this program and know that you have changed your entire life! That being said, there are no guarantees in life. YOU have the power to get as much or as little out of this program as you decide. What I can promise you is that I will be there for you every step of the way over these 6 months. I will share my heart and my soul and teach you everything that I know about alignment, balance, finding and living your purpose and attracting abundance into your life.

Is there a group version of this course?

There will be a group version of Aligned Abundance launching in mid-late 2021. However I highly recommend working 121 in this process as the coaching is much more personalised and intensive and results are much greater. If you are signed up to 121 coaching when the group program launches, you will also be able to take part in the group calls!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! When you click through to purchase, you will see an option for payment in full or a monthly payment plan. The monthly price is $1111, with the initial $1111 paid upon purchase, and the subsequent payment installments taken on the 1st of the month each month after your start date.

If you need to arrange a different payment plan or would like to discuss financial options, please contact me so I can help!

How do you know all this?

This course is born from my own experience, lessons and trainings that I have learnt over the course of my own transformation journey. For me, this process took years and I create this course as a condensed version of that journey based on what has worked for me, to allow you the quickest route to your own transformation!

Over the past few years, the official qualifications I have undertaken are YTT 200hr yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, Yin Yoga teacher training, Reiki Master training, NLP master practitioner qualification, and Sacred Science of Sound Sound Healing training.

But most importantly in this work, I had lived and worked through my own transformation journey.

Four years ago I was living in the city, working in a corporate job and a highly stressful toxic environment. I wore black all the time and operated on a level of stress and anxiety. I had regular panic attacks. I was drinking far too much and smoking regularly. I was stuck in a pattern of toxic and abusive relationships that I struggled to break out of. I was focused on materialistic goals and making my life “look” a certain way instead of embodying who I truly was. I followed the path laid out to the things I “should” want rather than following my own desires. I was careless with my body and my heart. I was physically and mentally unhealthy. I struggled with boundaries and often got into dangerous situations or financial problems. I was stuck in the 9-5 routine of working hard and then playing hard at the weekend, frittering away my money and health on partying. I was a constant people pleaser and had no sense of self without other’s approval or instruction. I felt lost, alone, and honestly pretty worthless.

Looking back at that life now is like looking at a completely different person. Since then, I have completely transformed my life. I am a teacher and coach living in different beautiful locations around the world. I have transformed my mindset, my relationships and my energy. I have found my flow in work, lifestyle and love.

I quit my corporate life to go freelance and run my own business. I scaled it to 6-figures in sales last year, before shifting my focus onto GLOW to create a business that was truly in alignment with who I was.

I became a digital nomad and now travel and live around the world working remotely.

I transformed my relationships with my romantic partners, friends and family.

I have let go of mental blocks, impostor syndrome, attachment wounds and anxiety, and the toxic patterns that kept me trapped.

I have found alignment with who I truly am and my purpose and am truly grounded in self-love and self-believe.

I have created effortless abundance in all areas of my life by following my bliss and living in alignment with my truth.

These are some of the things I have learned, and that journey has been made possible by the practices I have worked with and the techniques I have compiled into this course for you to benefit from! I hope that I am a living example of how much your life can change once you start living in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want!

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