How to Cure a Hangover

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Back at the beginning of the month, I had this crazy idea that I was going to do Sober October. Now I’m not going to lie, I do like a good drink. I try to be good during the week, but come Friday and Saturday night you’ll most likely find me out eating and drinking or drinking and dancing someplace around London. As much as I often think I’d like to stop drinking and see how much it improves how I feel, unfortunately my life right now doesn’t seem to fit in with that particular health kick! I lasted for about one week, before caving and various events I had on meant that my willpower fizzled out! I was annoyed at myself, but at least I’ve managed to stick to mostly not drinking…. Ah well, that’s a challenge for another time I guess! I blame the blogger events and too many open bars, haha….

Luckily I have a reason to not feel quite so bad about my not-so-sober October, and that is the little miracle in a bottle called AfterDrink! AfterDrink is an all-natural antioxidant blend of vitamins and nutrients especially designed to help your body rejuvenate and function better after times when you maybe haven’t treated it so well. AKA, the ultimate hangover cure! I’ve been trying it out this month whenever I’ve been out and it’s honestly such a game-changer! Even at times when I’m sure I would normally wake up feeling rough, I’ve been able to get up and function normally throughout my day. No more excuses for weekend Netflix marathons now!


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How AfterDrink Works

It might sound too good to be true, but when you learn more about what’s in it, it makes a whole lot of sense! Afterdrink works by giving your body a boost of antioxidants to help it battle the toxins that build up when you drink that your liver finds it difficult to clear out of your system on it’s own. It combines 25 super-antioxidant ingredients, including traditional herbal remedies, vitamins and amino acids to provide an all-in-one hit of goodness to your body! It gives you a boost of the natural raw materials it needs to be able to restore and replenish after you’ve put your system under stress and means instead of waking up with a hangover you wake up with better mental clarity and energy to get stuff done, as well as supporting your liver health, digestion and giving the cells of your body antioxidant protection. And you can totally feel the difference!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was honestly amazed. All you have to do is take 3 pills before bed and 3 in the morning when you wake up. Even just waking up after the first 3 I could instantly tell the difference. I still felt tired but nowhere near as ill as I usually would on a hangover. Then the three in the morning give you the energy boost to get up and get on with your day! Apart from not feeling physically rough, I also really find that Afterdrink helps you to feel good mentally too. Often I can feel fine at first after a night’s drinking, only to find that later in the day I suffer with a really low mood, exhaustion and generally feeling like I can’t be bothered with anything! With AfterDrink, this is massively lessened! They do recommend that you can also use it to help with any periods of stress or tiredness rather than just when drinking, such as after intense workouts or stressful times at work, and I can see why. I guess whenever your body’s under stress for whatever reason it depletes your nutrients and energy, so AfterDrink can help boost your system through any of those times!

I honestly love it, I’m such a cynic when it comes to these things and totally didn’t expect to feel as good as I did. It’ll be a shock when I don’t take it one day and am hit with my usual hangover! I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like… My boyfriend and I have both been swearing by it since I first got it and he’s just as chuffed with it as I am! It’s a bit of a wonder product if you like a night out like us, plus no more feeling guilty the day after for not being able to do anything all day! I definitely recommend giving it a try and seeing how much better you feel. Even though I didn’t make it through Sober October, at least I have the consolation that I’ve still been looking after my body a little bit more than I usually would! Baby steps….

AfterDrink is available online. To find out more about what’s in it, how it works and to order some for yourself, visit the website here. Thank you to AfterDrink for providing these products for review and sponsoring this review. As always, all opinions are my own!


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