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There are some Christmas presents that are just classics. It’s not always a good thing; like getting a pair of socks from your Gran every year, or the annual scented candle you used to buy your Mum back in the days before you knew about Diptyque, but when it comes to watches it’s a different story. Yes it might be a classic gift, and at first glance might not seem particularly original, but there’s something about a beautiful watch that you just can’t beat (and if you ask me, you can never have enough of even if you already own one!) In fact, I think it might actually be the perfect gift. Something you wouldn’t necessarily splash out on for yourself, but something that you will use every day, love every time you glance down at it and should hopefully last through time!

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful Daniel Wellington watch this year and it makes for a lovely gift. Everything, from the cute packaging to the fact that you can buy extra straps for your chosen watch face and mix up your look to go with your outfit/mood/day of the week, makes it such a special piece to own. I love the classic style of DW watches and with the three different straps I got with mine (black leather, navy and white striped, and brown croc) I’m going to be all set when it comes to arm candy!

You can check out the full Daniel Wellington collection here and also get 15% off everything with the code ROSIEGLOW. They also have special offers on their site from now until Christmas, so if you fancy unwrapping one of these beauties on Christmas Day then start dropping hints now!!

Watch – Daniel Wellington*


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