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    I’m sure I can’t be the only girl out there who has always …
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    I believe – and I don’t know if this will shock you or not – that …
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       Solo travel. It’s something that scares a lot of people. And I totally understand …
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    As soon as I mention the word cruise, I already know what you’re thinking – …
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  • stars burning holes right through the dark

     Dress (worn as top) – Topshop Skirt – H&M Tights – Primark Belt – Blue Rinse Clock Pendant – Vintage Sorry for the few days of silence, I got back home on Friday and have been all absorbed into home life again for the last few days! It’s been lovely; nice cosy film-watching by the fire, home-cooked meals, a comfy bed! I love how coming back from Uni makes you appreciate things you’d totally forgotten…

    happy monday

    Making me happy this week…… coffee shop daydreams. One of the things I spend most of my Uni life doing; I’m home now, and I already miss it (although my bank balance doesn’t miss the constant coffee buying :P) There’s nothing quite like going to a coffee shop on your own to draw, write and blog. It always makes me feel really artistic and studious, and never fails to make me happy even though it’s basically…

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    the warehouse project

    Happy snappies….. Such a good night!! I’m shattered now but we’re having a house party tonight so I need to hype myself up again pretty quickly! I haven’t even eaten or showered yet so I’m gonna skedaddle and leave you with a selection of the photos I took last night 🙂 Rosie x

    well i fell in love with a world in you

    Top – Charity Shop Shorts – Topshop Hat – H&M Wing Pendant – Topshop Clock Pendant – Oxfam Swallow Necklace – Topshop  As you can see, I got a bit scissor-happy after my post about fringes the other day and snipped myself one! What do you reckon?This top is another of my conquests from the Urban Outfitters Charity Shop! It’s not actually from Urban originally though, although it is a little like a lace version…

    find the colour

    1. Embellished Peter Pan Collar Dress – £50 – Topshop 2.White sequinned maxi – £225 – Topshop 3. White Asymmetric Dress – £170 – ASOS 4. Aztec Print Dress – £25 – American Apparel 5. Ruffled Black Dress – £120 – Topshop 6. Ruffle Sleeve Dress – £39 – Rare So, for our Music Society Christmas Party this year, the theme was black and white. It got me thinking that this is a pretty common…


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    11   83
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    6   84
    4   112

    send me to the sky where i belong

     Blouse – Charity Shop Cardigan – Primark Shorts – Vintage Belt – Blue Rinse Headscarf – Oxfam Camera Pendant – Kukee Jewellery on Ebay Wing Pendant – Topshop Hello my lovely followers 🙂 I feel I should say sorry for being a bit all over the place lately – I feel like my blog is going downhill and it makes me sad! So I’m very sorry, have been having crazy times over here what with…

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