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Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa Review

Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Bedford Lodge Spa & Hotel in Newmarket. I love a spa day – I mean, who doesn’t?! – and of course I jumped at the chance to treat myself to an overnight stay and pampering day at a spa hotel! I even got the chance to take my Mum with me (in return for her being…


Why can’t we do everything?

A friend gave me some advice a while ago that she’d heard from her life coach – “If you chase two rabbits at once, you’ll never catch either of them”. She said it had changed her life and once I’d heard it, I could see why. The more I thought about it, the more it started to change mine too. Well, actually, it kind of spun me out. I could see that it made total sense…


FOOD | Peggy Porschen Cakes Review

Peggy Porschen is probably the most instagrammable cafe in London. There, I said it. If you’re not already familiar with the pink flowered front from your social media feed then….are you even really on instagram? I can’t lie, this place is just the prettiest cafe spot ever! Pink walls, co-ordinated tables and teacups, a pink retro bike and flowers galore all make up this very insta-friendly hangout, and I’m going to be honest when I…


FASHION | The Floral Co-ord

The Summer’s almost definitely over….but I’ve been such a bad blogger lately I’m got a whole collection of Summery outfit pics to post! So get ready for a whole load of ‘hanging on to Summer’ outfit posts hitting my newsfeed soon! My style this Summer has been different than it has been for a while…normally I stick to my comfort zones – denim, plain tops, darker colours. But for some reason this season I’ve been wanting…


5 Easy Ways to give yourself a Digital Detox

As someone who works in social media it’s fair to say I spend plenty of time on my phone. Between blogging, instagramming and working I pretty much have to be attached to my MacBook and/or phone at all times. To be honest, it seems like most of us are these days, whatever we do for a living. Whether it’s instagramming, whatsapping or mindlessly watching the mass of video content that gets injected into our Facebook…


TRAVEL | 48 Hours in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Earlier this Summer, I was lucky enough to be sent on a trip to Gran Canaria by Anfi resorts (read my review of the resort here). It was a fab stay and really opened my eyes to what an under-rated destination Gran Canaria is! There’s way more to do than you might think and even though I was just on a flying visit for a few days, we managed to cram in a ton…


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