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Gifts for your Mum

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but my Mum is probably my favourite person to buy Christmas gifts for. It’s probably because she’s the only other girl in my family, so I find it a bit easier coming up with gift ideas for her than my brother and Dad! Plus, a lot of the time I get to buy her things that I kind of want myself anyway…haha. I find that the older I get, the more that’s…


Gifts for Her

Christmas gift shopping can be a surprisingly tricky time. I love buying gifts for people, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I can tend to feel like I have to come up with the absolute best Christmas gift idea ever! This often means that I come up with tons of ideas during the year, spot things in the shops months earlier to make a mental note of….and yet by the time it comes to December I’ve…


The best perfume gifts with Fragrance Direct

There are some Christmas gifts that are always a winner. The older I get, the more I realise that there’s a reason that some gifts are classics. And no I don’t mean those annual fake-smile-while-opening kind of classics from your distant relatives (Boots toiletry gift sets..I’m looking at you). I mean the things that you actually do find yourself hoping are under your tree every year. It’s probably a sign I’m getting old that I’ve found that things…


The Lace Up Jeans

I’m not gonna lie, even though I’m sad that the weather has got so damn cold over the last couple of weeks, I’m really happy about the return of Autumn fashion! I love being able to wear jeans and boots every day, and darker colours like this gorgeous burgundy floral top. I love these kind of colours but they’re really only okay for this time of year! This top is so cute, and totally unlike…


The Rust Silk Shirt

The autumn weather is in full swing now….and so are the autumnal vibes in my wardrobe! I’ve got a weird obsession with this rust orange colour at the moment….I’m not totally sure whether it’s a good thing or not (I’ve had mixed reviews) but I seem to be gathering more things in my wardrobe in this shade! I love it, it’s one of those colours I would only ever wear at this time of year…


How to Cure a Hangover

Back at the beginning of the month, I had this crazy idea that I was going to do Sober October. Now I’m not going to lie, I do like a good drink. I try to be good during the week, but come Friday and Saturday night you’ll most likely find me out eating and drinking or drinking and dancing someplace around London. As much as I often think I’d like to stop drinking and see…


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