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Know when to stop.

I’ve always been one of those people with a naturally busy mind that finds it hard to switch off. Brimming with ideas, sparking with excitement, always looking for the next thing to do. In a lot of ways it’s great. I mean, it’s what gives me drive, passion, the urge to explore… But over the years I’ve definitely had to learn how to deal with it. I’ve discovered that there’s a fine line between busy-ness…


Dear Instagram, I’m over you.

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling some serious instagram fatigue at the moment? (I really hope it’s not just me) I’m just kind of, over it. It’s like instagram has become so saturated with the same content, the same “aspirational posts”, people just posting the same products, posing in the same places, using the same presets…. There’s so much of the same, its like everything has lost it’s value, its creativity, its…


How I learned to love my body

I’m sure I can’t be the only girl out there who has always had a “thing” about their stomach. For as long as I can remember, it’s always been the part of my body that I am most uncomfortable with – avoiding getting it out at all costs, braving a bikini on holiday and spending the whole day sucking in my belly and comparing myself to other girls on the beach, telling myself I’m “too…


Why we all need to talk more about mental health

I believe – and I don’t know if this will shock you or not – that everyone should see a therapist. Seriously. Everyone. The craziest thing about that opinion, is that it still feels kind of taboo. I still don’t really know while typing it how it will make people feel, if it will shock some, offend some, or just freak some the f*ck out. And that seems pretty ridiculous, in this day and age,…


Beat the Fear of Solo Travel

   Solo travel. It’s something that scares a lot of people. And I totally understand why. Arriving somewhere on your own, when you don’t know the place or anyone there, and having to figure it all out by yourself! These days I have got so used to travelling solo that it feels normal to me to just pack up and go somewhere alone. In some ways I actually find it more difficult travelling with someone…


Why everyone should go on a cruise

As soon as I mention the word cruise, I already know what you’re thinking – cruises are only for old people, or unadventurous people who don’t want to see the world. And I get it, I used to think exactly the same. I thought “I hate resorts, I hate travelling to a place and not having the time to properly see it”, or I assumed the people who go on cruises wouldn’t be my kind…


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