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and everything is going to the beat

   Hat – H&M Tshirt – Primark (men’s section) Leopard print dress – New Look Clock Pendant – Oxfam Boots – Topshop  YESSS! I bought a bowler hat! I’ve had my eyes peeled for a good cheap(ish) one anytime I’ve been out and I finally found one for £9.99 in H&M. I decided the ASOS one was too expensive (and is now sold out anyway) but this is the perfect replacement. It’s also the perfect…


cos you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine

Now, I’m not normally one for “doing” my hair. I’m far too lazy to be honest with you. I just let it dry naturally, scrunch in some Andrew Collinge Salon Shine Gloss (literally my god-send and for years the best product I’ve found!) and I’m good to go! But I’ve been noticing the appearance of “fish-tail” braids all over magazines and the catwalk and, when I found a “how-to” in my Glamour Magazine this month…


can’t stop moving i can’t keep still

Skirt – H and M Tshirt – My brother’s Clock pendant – Oxfam This isn’t what I wore today, cos I actually spent the day trying to earn money from my Mum so I was bumming about in a old tshirt and shorts – not exactly picture worthy! These are just from when I was testing out my camera, I didn’t really like them at the time, but thought I’d just put them up anyway…


let the good times roll let the good times roll

   Leopard print dress – New Look T-shirt – Topshop Necklace – Topshop So this is what I wore today in the end – nothing spectacular, but I liked it! The t-shirt and necklace I basically customised myself from stuff I already had – cut the bottom off an old topshop tunic for the t-shirt, and attatched a wing earring ( I’d lost the other one!) to a chain to make the necklace ‘cos I…


i’m having fun don’t put me down

Polka-dot Playsuit – Primark Leaotard – Urban Outfitters Clock Pendant – Oxfam Hey hey. So today I’ve spent a long old time experimenting with my photo-taking for this blog so I thought I’d better post some of the results. Did a few outfits (but will save some for another time!) and I think I’ve got it cracked. Although my posing skills are definitely not up to scratch! Haha, I’ll work on it! I was thinking…


from paris to berlin

Photos 1,3 and 5                                                                  Photo 2                                                          Photo 4     Polka dot skater skirt – Miss…


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