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So I got sent a press release the other day about how many calories we’re all going to eat on Christmas Day. I know right?! Like please just don’t tell me. I would rather live in a dreamworld of “calories don’t count, its Christmas!” and ignore it….

but now I’ve seen it I can’t un-see it!

If you want to know (and ruin your life a teeny tiny bit too) then read the next paragraph if you are brave enough….! If not then scroll past, but just know: it’s a lot more than you’d want it to be. And even more if you plan to drink waaaaay more than your share of the prosecco like I do every year!

I’m not going to put allllll the depressing numbers in but let’s just say the average person will eat 5,250 calories on Christmas Day (already 3 times the recommended daily allowance), every extra bottle of Prosecco is another 496 calories, 2 mince pies is a whopping 582 and 10 quality street (bearing in mind I’ve already eaten about 100 and it’s not even Christmas week yet!) is 510!! The one I’m most sad about? Roast potatoes. They’re arguably my fave bit of a Christmas dinner and just 4 of them come in at 600 calories. Waaaaaah!

I have to add a disclaimer here that I am not a calories person. I don’t count them, I don’t own bathroom scales so that I can’t worry about weighing myself and I don’t believe in diets. But I do care about being healthy and looking after myself.

So even before I got this life-ruining email I was already fully aware I was going to need to get back into health & fitness mode after all the indulgence of the Christmas break!

But I think that’s fine, it’s all about balance right?

It’s totally fine to treat ourselves as long as we take care of ourselves again afterwards.

That’s the only healthy-eating diet I’ll ever really believe in anyway!

ESQUARED fitness app

Luckily I already had a plan because I discovered a new app that’s going to make it even easier to get back into my fitness regime. It’s called Esquared and it basically means you can sign up to fitness classes at tons of different studios or even book time on the regular gym floor at lots of different gyms without having to have a membership for any one place!

All you have to do is top up your account with credit on the app and you’re free to get access to any studio or gym near you.

It’s so easy! I love it.

I like variety when it comes to keeping fit so I never really want to sign up to a membership. But that can be tricky if you want to use regular gym stuff rather than just classes – most places (especially in London) want you to sign up to a monthly rate that costs a fortune.

Esquared means that you can try out loads of different places and classes to see what you like without having to commit – perfect!

It’s also great if, like me, you’re often out and about and don’t want to have to be in one fixed place to work out. You can search by any location in London and go to any of the participating studios and gyms so it makes it suuuuper easy to fit fitness into your day – no more excuses about not being at home or not having time to get to the gym because you’re out!

For me, health & fitness is one of the first things that I let slide as soon as I’m busy because it seems so much harder to fit it in if you’re travelling around the city for meetings all day or are working from different coffee shops each day of the week (freelance problems, eh?!) So this literally solves all my problems!

I love being able to try different spots depending on where I am, whether I’m staying the night at a friends’ house, travelling to a different area of London for meetings, or staying with my parents (maybe I can even find somewhere nearby to go over Christmas while I’m back visiting the family!)

They’ve already got thousands of participating locations in London and are still adding more so there’s plenty of choice. I love MoreYoga for daily yoga classes (and they have loads of different studios across London) and I’ve been trying out different HIIT classes too.

The best thing for me is that I can try out a bunch of different classes to see which ones I like without having to go regularly. If you don’t already know, I love yoga and choose that as my exercise most of the time. So I’m pretty fussy when it comes to what I’ll branch out and try so this is a massive bonus and makes me try out way more different styles of class!

It’s honestly great if you’re like me and struggle to fit your fitness regime in sometimes. Or maybe you want something to help you get over all those extra Christmas Day calories but don’t want to commit to a gym membership!

The best part is, there’s no commitment on Esquared either. You simply sign up for an account, top up with however much credit you like and choose from 1000s of fitness classes or gym sessions to find one that suits you, right there and then.


Even better, you can get £20 free credit to try it for yourself if you use my code RBLAKE21921 when you sign up!


Class prices vary depending on the location but some are as little as £10. So there’s two free classes to help you start feeling a bit healthier after the Christmas break – you’re welcome!


So f*ck the Christmas calories, now we can just enjoy them and make up for it at a gym class later! Thanks Esquared…..!


You can get the Esquared app on the App Store or Google Play. Sign up with my code RBLAKE21921 to get your £20 free credit. This post was sponsored by Esquared but as always all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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