Why I’m Going to Bali for a Month

Guess what? I’ve only packed up and gone to Bali for a month!! I gave myself the week when I got here to settle in offline so I haven’t posted anything on Social Media since I got here (shocker, I know) but I thought it was about time I updated you all about my month-long adventure, why I decided to come and what I’m planning to get up to while I’m here!

I’ve wanted to go to Bali foreverrrr. It’s always been an absolute dream location for me, at the top of my travel bucket list and somewhere that I’ve always secretly thought I might run away to and live one day, in the kind of way that every time I’m having a bad day/ bad patch in life I’m like. “Fuck it, shall I just move to Bali?!” Actually now that I think of it, that kiiiind of is what’s happened…! I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching over the past 6 months and this year has definitely come with a lot of challenges and ups and downs (more posts on that coming soon), so I just felt like I needed a fresh start and somewhere to clear my head and get back in touch with myself. And Bali seemed like the perfect place to do that!

It’s funny how things just seem to work out once you start looking for them. A couple of months ago I suddenly reached a point in my business where I could officially work from anywhere, so I thought maybe I should embrace that and go away for a few weeks and see what remote working was like. I whatsapped a few friends mentioning it, including a few who live in Ibiza as I thought that could be an option….and then next thing you know there’s an ad popping up on my instagram feed for a co-working retreat that runs month-long stays around the world for people just like me who can work from anywhere! I decided to see it as a sign from the Universe rather than just proof that Mark Zuckerberg is tapping all our phones to sell us shit…and when I looked on the website and saw they were running a retreat to Bali I just knew that this was what I was supposed to do!



I’m already pretty used to most people not understanding what the hell I do for a job, so trying to explain to parents/friends/etc that I was going on a co-working retreat was even more of a struggle! My Dad’s main feedback was “if I was in Bali I’d never get any work done”. I mean, fair point… The concept of going away on your own tends to freak people out a little bit too, not to mention the fact that you want to go away somewhere but still work?! Until I signed up for Unsettled I hadn’t heard of a retreat like this either, so I totally get the confusion, but the concept just seemed perfect to me! The retreat is for the full month, and includes your month’s accommodation in Ubud, access to a co-working space down the road, plus weekly dinners and activities around Bali! You go away with a group of 15-25 other people and you’re all put up in a villa complex, so you’re sure to meet like-minded travellers who are also looking for the remote working life – either people who run their own businesses, are on sabbatical, in the middle of a career change, or are able to work remotely from their office for the month! I was a little dubious about travelling on my own for a whole month, so doing a trip like this seemed like a great way to ease into remote working and solo-travel at the same time. I think without having something like this organised you’d end up spending much more time trying to meet people and find places to go which would make it a lot harder to get any work done! It also gives you the chance to network with super-interesting professional people from all over the world, and take part in more business-orientated workshops and activities as well as all the sight-seeing trips you want to take while in Bali! I’ll be doing a full review of the retreat at the end of my month so for now you can find out more info on the Unsettled website. Spoiler alert…so far I’ve been here for a week and it’s absolutely amazing!

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

– Steve Jobs


Getting out of my comfort zone

So that’s what I’m doing in Bali…but you might still be wondering why? Well, as I said after a pretty crazy year it seems like time for a new start for me both emotionally and work-wise and what better way to start new habits than take yourself out of your normal environment and explore somewhere new?! Running a business might be “the dream” but, damn is it hard sometimes. I have so many ideas and so much I want to do with my work that it an get a bit overwhelming at times and I always find that my most creative moments come when I’m out of my comfort zone and can get out of my own head a little bit! I’m excited to spend a month somewhere completely different, where I can explore and meet new people in a totally new place – I never thought I’d have the balls to travel for so long alone but weirdly it seems totally normal to me right now at this time in my life – I guess it’s another way of getting out my comfort zone and trying something different!


Project Self-Love

The other thing about travelling alone is that it gives you time with yourself. After a lot of ups and downs I really feel like I need some “me time” and serious TLC on my own. Being alone can be tough and I feel like it takes a lot of practice to be okay with being with yourself. I’m pretty much there in terms of being weirdly happy hanging out on my own, but my relationship with myself still needs some practice! Bali seems like the perfect place to nourish yourself (and I swear I’m not just saying that because of Eat Pray Love!), eat amazing healthy food, get involved with yoga and the spiritual side of the island and be in nature in the amazing landscapes that are over here – from rice fields, to lush green jungle to beautiful beaches! So PROJECT SELF-LOVE officially starts today – follow me on instagram for daily updates, and I’m going to be writing plenty more blog posts about my self-love journey and all my weird and wonderful thoughts along the way….hopefully you’ll join me for the ride!


Have you been to Bali? Leave me your travel tips in the comments! And let me know what you’d like to hear more about – life, work, yoga – while I’m here and writing lots of content to share with you all!


To find out more about Unsettled and their trips all around the world visit their website. They are also running 2 week trips to Bali for those of you who want to come for a shorter time!!


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