Summer Holiday Essentials

One of the best things about Summer has got to be holiday planning. Trip planning is one of my fave things to do (Yes, I’m that girl who spends her evenings browsing random locations on sky scanner and dreaming up the trips I could take, even though most of them I never end up doing!) I love thinking about where I could go, what I might see and also (not gonna lie) what I would wear! Ever since the Summer ’18 collections started appearing in the shops, I’ve genuinely been dying to plan a holiday just so I can buy a holiday wardrobe…. it’s sad but true!

I am actually planning a super exciting trip next month – to spend the entire month in Bali! I’ve wanted to go there since forever, so it’s going to be like all my holiday dreams come true all at once. I honestly can’t wait! The only tricky thing about going away for so long is deciding what to pack (obviously a month’s worth of clothes is not going to fit in my suitcase!) It’s going to have to be all about the capsule wardrobe… bring on the hunt for my Summer essentials!

Luckily, House of Fraser asked me to do just that and choose some beach bag essentials from their Holiday Shop. I’m the kind of gal who carries her entire life around in her bag at all times, and on holiday is no exception so I was definitely up for the challenge! I tend to get carried away when it comes to holiday packing and take loads of stuff with me, but then when I’m actually away I discover that less is more – I take loads of outfit choices with me and then spend the entire trip bumming around in the same bikini or throwing on the same trusty pair of shorts! As much as the‘Instagram’ half of me wants to spend my trip floating around in cute outfits, the free-spirit half loves the idea of going away on a month-long adventure with only a few things in my rucksack – surely it makes the whole thing more adventurous? If I’m honest I’ll probably settle for a happy medium when I actually do go away, but there are definitely a few trusty essentials that I always take with me – whether it’s a trip abroad or a day on the beach, so here are my top bits and pieces that are always in my beach bag when I go away – let me know if you’ve got anything you’d add to yours! And let’s not forget the beach bag itself, I am obsessed with this cute straw circle bag from Phase Eight – it’s like carrying an instant holiday on my shoulder whenever I wear it!

1.The perfect denim shorts

Denim shorts are the ultimate Summer staple. And finding the perfect pair is pretty much a lifelong mission! There’s something about Levis that just makes your denim timeless, and effortlessly cool. You can chuck them on over anything and it’ll work. I love a vintage-style high-waisted pair and this light denim, frayed pair are ticking all my beach-bum boxes (literally!)

2. Cute swimwear

I’m always the first one in the water when it comes to a trip to the ocean (if you saw my Instagram stories from Croatia last week then you know!) so I always carry my swimwear just in case there’s a chance for me to jump in the sea! Actually, if I’m really honest, I’m probably wearing it underneath whatever outfit I’ve got on so I’m fully ready for any spontaneous dips in the water! I generally ease myself into swimwear season with a cute one piece, and I love this House Of Fraser one – a simple black swimsuit but with cute detailing that gives it a little bit of an edge. You can find my swimsuit here (and it’s a bargain £20!!) or check out their whole swimwear collection.

3. Suncare

Never be without the essentials – a hat, sunnies and sun cream! It upsets me a bit when I see people not taking care of themselves in the sun and ending up frazzled, burnt or making themselves ill! Beach accessories are key. I’ve wanted a giant beach hat for ages so I couldn’t resist this slogan one – it’s so extra but I love it (plus I’m not going to lie I’m already dreaming of all the ‘taken-from-above’ pool shots I can get wearing it on my hols!!) Raybans are my trusty go-to for sunnies – let’s face it, they’re just classic. And last but not least, a good suncream! Frezyderm is a new suncream brand for me, but I am obsessed with their Second Skin face suncream! I hate lathering my face with normal oily suncream and it always makes my skin breakout. This one is different, with a velvety texture that magnifies your face and acts as the perfect makeup base – perfect if you’re in the sun all day and don’t want to end up with a greasy face by the end of the day!

4.  A good read (or three!)

One of my favourite things about going away is it gives me all the time in the world to read. I’m pretty bad at making the time for reading in my usual life, so it feels like the ultimate treat to read my way through some new books when I’m on holiday! I’ve managed a few good reads so far this year, my top recommendations are Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton, and Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. If you’ve yet to read either of those I definitely recommend them for a great beach read – funny, weepy in places and totally grabbed me from cover to cover. I’ve never laughed out loud as much reading before as I did with the Dolly Alderton one!

So there you have it – my beach bag essentials. I’ll definitely be packing all these and plenty more for my trip to Bali! Speaking of which, I really do need to get started with planning that soon!

What are your holiday style essentials? Let me know what you’d add to your beach bag in the comments!

This post was sponsored by House of Fraser. All images, words and opinions are my own.


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