How to Relax

The Easter bank holiday is the perfect time for a proper relax! When you’re working full-time, the Easter holiday is such a treat – the one time of year when you get a long weekend absolutely free (4 days, people…say whaaaat?!) and you can totally indulge! When I was working in a normal 9-5 job, I would plan trips at Easter weekend to make the most of the extra holiday time or make the most of having an extra two days of the weekend to go out with friends, catch up on sleep or do something special! Sadly it’s a bit different when you work for yourself. To be honest, it totally slipped my mind this week that it was even bank holiday! I totally forgot that everyone would have a day off on Friday because I knew that I would probably still be working all day.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been working a lot lately and running my business has kind of taken over my life. Sometimes that’s the way it’s got to be, especially when you work alone and are still in the early days of a start-up. But it does mean that I’m finding it harder and harder to switch off, remember to give myself a holiday, or sometimes even to give myself a proper weekend! I end up working late most nights and forgetting what it’s like to spend an evening actually properly chilling, instead of with one eye half on my laptop, or half my mind on my to-do list. So (after today) I’m going to make sure to make the most of the bank holiday and give myself some real time to relax and take care of myself this weekend. Luckily The White Company sent me some of their kitchen accessories and homeware goodies that are perfect for an Easter chill-out sesh….now I’ve got no excuse not to treat myself and relax this weekend!

How often is it that you get to treat yourself to a lie in? For me, not often. The kind of lie-in I love the most isn’t actually sleeping for longer (although of course I love that too), but simply staying in bed longer. I love a Saturday or Sunday morning spent waking up but refusing to get out of bed, drinking endless cups of tea and reading a book, flicking through a magazine or watching back to back episodes of my favourite series on Netflix. Normally I’m an “up and at ’em” kind of gal the moment my alarm goes off so it feels like the ultimate treat to give myself morning of lying in! And The White Company have made it even better with this perfect ‘relaxing-in-bed’ set-up. I feel like a total Queen spoiling myself with this bed tray! It’s perfect for an Easter breakfast in bed (another one of my fave ways to embrace a lazy morning – making a brunch of avocado and scrambled egg on toast is my ultimate fave!) and it makes for the perfect teapot and/or laptop stand for enjoying some tea drinking or netflix-watching! Just setting it up on my bed instantly makes me feel like I’m treating myself – I mean, how indulgent is it to have a tray table in your bed like someone out of Downton Abbey?! And the added bonus is it makes for a super-cute insta set-up too!!

There’s something about reading that is super relaxing. Apparently it’s actually the most relaxing activity for your brain because it occupies your mind but doesn’t leave you any space or brain power to be thinking of anything else – you’re too absorbed in the world of your book. I love that, and it also makes me chill out like nothing else because it’s something I only ever do if I feel like I have a lot of “time” for a change. Normally the only chance I get to read through whole books is when I’m on holiday, so I guess treating myself to the time to read at the weekend kind of makes me feel like I’m having a mini holiday at home! I have to give a shout out to this Dolly Alderton book, ‘Everything I know about Love.’ It’s honestly the best read I’ve had in ages, I fell in absolute love with it and couldn’t put it down! I’m actually planning a full review blog post because I loved it so much, so I won’t give any spoilers here, but if you’re looking for an Amazon order or fancy a new book then I definitely recommend it! Another sure-fire way to make me feel happy at the weekend is treating myself to the food and drink that I love. I love to spend time making myself a nice brunch to eat in bed (scrambled eggs, avocado and chilli jam on toast is my ultimate fave). I also chose this cute White Company glass teacup and saucer set to indulge my tea obsession – and  at only £10 it makes a really cute easter gift with some fancy tea too if you’re into Easter gift-giving!

Sometimes it really is just the simple things that help me relax the most at the weekend, like indulging in a ‘proper’ teacup of tea and a read of Time Out magazine to start my day, having a bath in the evening, lighting some candles (like this yummy “Spring” scented one which smells seriously delicious – so fresh and floral!) and getting into bed early! It’s those little things that make the most difference when you’re busy and stressed….it’s taken me a little while but since being single again I’ve had to really work at learning to chill out and not feel like I should be doing something or going out all the time! And what I’ve realised is that it’s these small things I do just to look after myself that mean the most – just having a bit of quiet space in my week to hibernate and just ‘be’ on my own. What better way is there to relax than just embracing being yourself, even if that means acting like a Grandma and spending your bank holiday drinking tea, taking baths and going to bed early?! Here’s wishing you all a lovely and relaxing Bank Holiday, and please leave your top tips for how you relax in the comments!


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