Gifts for your Mum

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but my Mum is probably my favourite person to buy Christmas gifts for. It’s probably because she’s the only other girl in my family, so I find it a bit easier coming up with gift ideas for her than my brother and Dad! Plus, a lot of the time I get to buy her things that I kind of want myself anyway…haha. I find that the older I get, the more that’s true. And to be honest, most of the gifts on this list I would be totally happy with for myself too! I had loads of fun putting this list together…I hope it helps to give you some present inspiration!

Build My Gift

The first thing on this list is kind of a gift list within a gift list! It’s from an amazing site called Build My Gift, which I’ve just discovered and I think it might be the answer to anyone’s gift-buying problems! Basically you get a gift box and then you can choose different gifts from the site to fill it with and build your own bespoke gift box! They’ve got everything from fancy perfumes to alcohol, beauty gifts to Whittards tea and hot chocolate! There’s plenty to choose from whoever you’re buying for and also for other occasions like wedding gifts. I loved that I could design a whole gift box with a specific person in mind and pick out different treats to fit the theme! There was so much choice it took me a while to decide who to build my box for let alone what to put in it! In the end I designed this bathtime-themed bundle for my Mum, complete with some gorgeous-smelling tealights, a lush bath oil from Cowshed and some sleep time tea! I honestly think this is such a great idea, especially if you’re short on time and don’t want to browse loads of different shops. It comes ready packaged with ribbons and baubles and looks really beautiful. Probably the easiest ready-made Christmas present I’ve ever bought!

Neals Yard Beauty

I love Neals Yard for special beauty products. If you’re Mum’s anything like mine and into really good-for-you, natural, organic beauty products, then Neals Yard is a one-stop shop! I love their natural approach to skincare and the quality of their products is gorgeous, not to mention amazing for your skin! They’ve got some fab Christmas gift sets too, whatever you’re looking for – bath salts, specialised skincare or more everyday (but beautiful!) products like these soaps. All the scents and ingredients of everything are just lovely and makes giving something normal, like a soap, a bit special! I love this Frankincense Rejuvenating Skincare set – it’s such a nice collection of products! A cleanser and muslin face cloth, toner and hydrating cream. Everything you’d need, basically, in one gift set….Oh and it smells divine, of course!


I definitely inherited my love of reading from my Mum. She can be a hard one to buy books for though, because she’s got so many! Luckily I nabbed some of the newest releases from Octopus Books. They’re all a bit different, but I love to buy people books for their niche interests (just look at the ones on my ‘For Him’ gift guide, haha!) I’m looking forward to reading ‘Lagom’, all about how to get on board with the Swedish balanced lifestyle. It’s kind of the Hygge of this year, getting inspired by yet another thing the Scandi’s are doing better than us!

Foodie Treats

You can never go wrong with foodie treats at Christmas, whoever you’re buying for! This gorgeous box of biscuits from the Maxim’s De Paris range was a find on the Amazon Luxury Food and Drink Store. Such a great place to shop if you’re looking for food or drink that’s a bit special…with the added benefit of being able to do it online and benefit from Prime delivery! If anyone out there is as last minute as I can be when it comes to buying Christmas presents, then this is a lifesaver! I haven’t tried Maxim’s before, but the biscuits look lush! Prezzies like this are great for tricky-to-buy for grandparents too – I mean, everyone always loves nice food!


I’m a big believer in perfume as an always-great gift (read my post about it here) and when it comes to treating your Mum for Christmas, I think buying her a nice perfume is a real winner! I like to think that my Mum likes to look to me for style and beauty advice sometimes, so I’m more likely to gift her something that she hasn’t tried before but will (hopefully) love! You can read more about this Calvin Klein fragrance in my blog post here, but it’s a really classy yet unusual scent and reminded me of my Mum as soon as I tried it!


A gorgeous watch always makes a beautiful Christmas gift, and Cath Kidston have got some lovely designs in their current collection! I’m a big believer in watches as an accessory so I think it’s perfectly okay to have more than one…or a whole collection if you’re anything like me! I love the floral designs on the Cath Kidston range – they’ve got a real variety of cutesy and more monochrome designs on leather or metallic straps. I love this silver and monochrome peony design, it’s a nod to the cuter floral Cath Kidston trademark designs but still wearable if you have more of a basic style! They’re also very affordable for watches which is an added bonus!


There are some beauty products that are totally timeless, and recommendations passed down from Mum to daughter over time. Elizabeth Ardens’s 8-hour cream is one of those! Chances are you’ve heard of it and probably have used it too. I’ve got totally obsessed with Elizabeth Arden skincare recently and this is the ultimate – an amazing product that can be pretty much used for anything – deep moisturisation for your skin, handcream, dry patches, or even cuts and burns! It’s basically a wonder cream, and something no woman – let alone your Mum – should be without!

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Bath time Gift Box – Build My Gift*

Frankincense Skincare Gift Set and Soap Set – Neals Yard*

LEON Happy Soups Book, Lagom Book, Little Book of Chakras – Octopus Books*

Maxim’s De Paris Biscuit Colleciton – Amazon Luzury Food and Drink Store*

Calvin Klein Obsession Perfume – Fragrance Direct*

Watch – Cath Kidston*

8 Hour Cream – Elizabeth Arden*


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