The Rust Silk Shirt

The autumn weather is in full swing now….and so are the autumnal vibes in my wardrobe! I’ve got a weird obsession with this rust orange colour at the moment….I’m not totally sure whether it’s a good thing or not (I’ve had mixed reviews) but I seem to be gathering more things in my wardrobe in this shade! I love it, it’s one of those colours I would only ever wear at this time of year but it reminds me of autumn leaves and it’s totally gorgeous in silky fabrics like this vintage oversized silk shirt from Hobo Gold. Of course I was beyond happy when I scouted out this wall in Islington that matched my outfit perfectly!!

I used to shop Vintage all the time, but I’ll be honest it’s been a while! Back in the day I used to live in vintage scouted pieces and retro charity shop bargains but these days not so much. I love finding good vintage pieces though. There’s so much fashion that comes back around and buying vintage often means better quality, fabrics and more unusual pieces that aren’t just what everyone’s buying from Zara! My favourite kind of finds these days are when I come across something that’s on trend with what’s in the shops but it’s a vintage version that not everyone’s going to have! This shirt is a perfect example – this season’s colour and texture, but a cooler vintage style and a one-off piece! Hobo Gold have got tons of fab finds on their site, I picked up a few great pieces but I could have easily chosen way more! They seem to choose their pieces based on current trends but all their products are beautiful good-quality vintage finds, I definitely recommend having a browse! This silk shirt was a fab find for Autumn, I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot to embrace the autumn colours before the weather changes and all the autumn leaves are gone!

This autumnal post has get me well in the mood for bonfire night, I love this time of year when suddenly the season changes and the air seems to smell like woodsmoke and fireworks all the time! I’m off to Alexandra Palace for the fireworks tonight…should be fun! Follow along on my instagram to see more!


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Silk Shirt – Hobo Gold*

Leather Pants – Jane Norman*

Bag – Light in the Box*

Trainers – Adidas via Jacamo*

Sunglasses – Sunglass.La*



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