The Lace Up Jeans

I’m not gonna lie, even though I’m sad that the weather has got so damn cold over the last couple of weeks, I’m really happy about the return of Autumn fashion! I love being able to wear jeans and boots every day, and darker colours like this gorgeous burgundy floral top. I love these kind of colours but they’re really only okay for this time of year! This top is so cute, and totally unlike anything else that’s in my wardrobe! I’ve got very basic when it comes to my style over the last few months, so I think Autumn might be a good time to start introducing some nicer, girlier pieces into my wardrobe. I tend to shop a bit weirdly and seem to go through phases where I mostly invest in just one kind of item at a time. The past few months have definitely been focused around my shoe wardrobe – honestly, I’ve become way more shoe obsessed than I’ve ever been! So now I think it’s time for me to focus on my ‘tops’ collection. I have a constant ‘full wardrobe, nothing to wear’ dilemma at the moment and I think it’s because of lack of tops! So here’s hoping this new addition will inspire a flood of new pieces for me to mix up my wardrobe with…

If there’s one (or two) things I love an excuse to keep buying more than anything else, it’s jeans and boots. I just love boots season – it seems like forever since I’ve worn a pair! Weirdly though, I’ve only bought this one Mango pair so far this season, and I really think I might not have to buy another – I could just live in these! I really wanted to find a pair of flat boots but I was worried that they would all make my legs look stumpy! Somehow, this pair manage to be completely flat but still elongate my legs and not make me feel short and stumpy thanks to the pointy shape. I’m literally in boot heaven. As for the jeans, well luckily this time of year means it’s perfectly acceptable to own enough pairs of jeans for days of the week (or more, if you’re me) because it’s all I want to wear when it’s cold! I’m crushing on this awesome Ralph Lauren pair of lace up jeans that have polo-style lace up sides to add a bit of an edge! They’re obviously way more toned down than the lace up jeans with the full lace-up front that seem to be having a moment, but they’re far more wearable and still a cool nod to the trend! I like how they could be jockey-chic or look a bit more grungy depending on how you style them! I’m definitely going to have to keep trying out some different looks with these beauts!

Anyway, that’s today’s outfit. What do you think? I was chatting to some blogger pals last night about how it feels kind of pointless actually writing anything on a fashion blog post these days because we’re convinced instagram means that no one actually reads them any more – they just want to see the pictures! So let me know what you think, and if you actually made it to the end of this post? Hopefully me just talking about what I was wearing wasn’t tooooo boring!

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Floral Top – Miss Truth*

Lace Up Jeans – Ralph Lauren*

Necklace – Nude Jewellery*

Boots – Mango

Sunglasses –*

Rucksack – Light in the Box*


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