Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa Review

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Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Bedford Lodge Spa & Hotel in Newmarket. I love a spa day – I mean, who doesn’t?! – and of course I jumped at the chance to treat myself to an overnight stay and pampering day at a spa hotel! I even got the chance to take my Mum with me (in return for her being my insta photographer for the day, obvs) which was so lovely. She suffers from M.E. and doesn’t get to go away much, but luckily Newmarket is only a short drive from my parents’ place and it seemed like a couple of days of relaxation and spa-treatments would be exactly what she needed. It was the nicest thing to be able to treat her for a change – I felt like a proper grown-up at long last being able to take care of my Mum for once instead of the other way around! The whole stay was such a massive treat in every sense and we both completely fell in love with Bedford Lodge. I thought I’d share a bit more with you about the Spa, Hotel and what we got up to while we were there so you can see for yourself – I would 100% recommend booking your own trip there if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway!

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Bedford Lodge Spa

We had our spa day booked for the first day of our stay, so as soon as we arrived we headed straight to the Spa! It was such a beautiful set-up, the Spa and Hotel are housed in a gorgeous Georgian building set in acres of green gardens, and the Spa felt like a little tranquil haven as soon as you walked in. It’s in a separate building from the hotel, which made it feel extra luxurious, calming and quiet and meant that it was much less busy as it wasn’t attached to the hotel fitness club or anything like that. The rooms and furnishings were gorgeous, with a reception area and cafe/restaurant on the bottom floor when you arrive, and it somehow felt really homely the moment you arrived. We sat down for a delish coffee while we settled in and then had a tour of the spa. The facilities were fab – a hydrotherapy pool with bath-like warm water, jacuzzis and water massage jets, a big sauna and steam room and upstairs an outdoor rooftop hot tub! Obviously I had to try them all…! The best thing about the whole spa experience was how quiet the place was. Probably a perk of going to a smaller spa that was only open to people booking spa days or treatments, rather than all hotel guests, and maybe a perk of visiting mid-week too! Either way, it made the whole experience feel super luxurious, with only a handful of people there at once, it felt like having your own private spa and pool! After a few hours relaxing in the spa, it was time for my treatment!

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Spa Treatments

I chose the spa’s signature, and apparently most-loved offering – the ESPA back, face and scalp treatment! I always find it hard to choose whether I love a massage or a facial more, so this 90 minute treatment really was the best of both worlds! It started off with a back and shoulder massage which was bliss, followed by a luxury facial tailored to your skin’s needs, and to top it off an amazing scalp massage during the face-mask stage of your facial! I loved the whole approach to the treatment – it felt super personalised and special. The first step when I got into the room was to choose my treatment oils by smelling the different ones and deciding which one felt (or smelt) right for me – and then we talked through my skincare and what I needed to help my complexion. The massage was amazing, I tried hot stones for the first time which was incredible and really added so much depth to the usual massage! I’ll admit I did find myself wishing that the massage section had gone on for a little longer, but I think I’d always wish that, no matter how long it was because I love a back massage so much! The facial was to die for and definitely the highlight of the treatment for me. It was really luxurious and relaxing, and felt like a face massage treatment rather than just the about the skincare! The products smelt and fee amazing on my skin, and my face was literally glowing when I came out. Definitely the best instant results I’ve ever had from a spa facial, for sure! I had the ESPA Skin Radiance range used to brighten up my face and replenish my skin….and boy did it work! I couldn’t believe the instant difference it made to my face, and even better the results lasted too! I’ve really tempted to invest in the ESPA Skin Radiance Serum after seeing how much it improved my skin!

Bedford Lodge Hotel

After our day at the spa, we headed over to the hotel next door to check in to our room for the night. The hotel was lovely, with a big reception area, sofas and then huge bar and restaurant on the ground floor. The old building made for some beautiful high-ceilinged rooms and arched windows in the restaurant which was gorgeous, especially in the morning when we ate our breakfast overlooking the gardens! Our room was just right – the perfect size, a beautiful view of the garden from our window, the comfiest beds and bedding ever and fancy teapots tea, coffee and hot chocolate available in the room! No kidding, there was a teapot, a caffetierve and real milk not just the usual pots of UHT. If you’re as big a tea fan as I am, you’ll know what a big deal that is! It was a lovely place to spend the night, and it’s proof of how comfy the beds are that I slept like a baby all night!

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Squire’s Restaurant

The cherry on top of our fab spa day was that we were treated to dinner in the hotel restaurant that evening. We were lucky enough to be able to choose from their very extensive menus (there were 3) and there was a huge variety of amazing sounding (and tasting) dishes to choose from! We went all out and ordered delicious slap up meals! I started with Moules Frites, then had the most amazing main dish of fillet steak, wild mushroom sauce and truffles, then topped it off with a tangy lemon yuzu tart for dessert! My Mum had cheese shuffle, monkfish with matcha tea and a chocolate pot dessert that had been made to look like a plant pot! The menu was really inventive, I’ll be honest some of the mains and desserts were so ‘masterchef’ it was hard to tell what they actually were when you were ordering let alone what they would taste like! But the food itself was absolutely delicious! They even had wine recommendations next to each dish so you could pair a glass (or two) with what you were eating! I felt completely spoilt (and completely stuffed!) by the end of it!

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All in all, my trip to Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa was just amazing, and a complete luxury treat! We had the best time, and honestly I would recommend it to anyone looking for a spa getaway. The private feel, luxurious treatments and facilities and relaxing peace and quiet all made it the perfect escape and I will definitely be back, that’s for sure! A huge thank you to the Hotel & Spa for putting us up and treating us like royalty while we were there!

To find out more about Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa, prices and availability, click here. Fyi, they are currently running an Autumn break deal with treatments, overnight stay and food which you can find out about here. Thanks for reading!


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