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One of my favourite things about London is the amazing food scene. It can be a little bit overwhelming at times because there’s so much choice, not to mention a bit dangerous for your bank account, but it is such a perk of living in this incredible city! You can walk down any street and find a multitude of restaurants and bars to try out! For a foodie like me it’s super exciting – there’s always somewhere new to go, something new to try and and endless amount of flavours from all over the world to tickle your tastebuds with!

Sakagura Restaurant London

Blogging about London is a bit of a dream, and I am ever grateful to get the opportunity to review new foodie spots every so often (not to mention my bank balance is grateful too!) The latest place on my list was Sakagura Restaurant in Mayfair, a fabulous Japanese restaurant tucked away on the pretty, fairy-lit Heddon Street just off Regent Street. Asian food is always top of my list and I was excited to try out an authentic taste of Japan! The Sakagura menu is traditional Washoku (perfectly balanced flavours of Japan) and has an extensive variety of different dishes: robata grilled meats, hand-pulled noodles and fresh sushi, as well as tasting menus and even a bottomless brunch which I’m dying to come back to try at a weekend sometime soon! The location was just fab, in a gorgeous pedestrianised street of restaurants and bars, and sitting outdoors had that real European feel which I always love to try and find in London, and the service was beautiful in a very Japanese way – I honestly felt like I’d been transported to Tokyo for a slap-up meal!


Yakiniku Barbecue

I was invited to try out Sakagura Restaurant’s speciality Yakiniku BBQ menu – a choice of super tender meat, seafood and veg to grill yourself over a traditional shichirin barbecue. You could pick and mix three choices of meat, seafood or veg that you wanted to cook on your barbecue (I went for the seriously indulgent Japanese wagyu steak, scallops and prawns) and it was served up with miso soup, sticky rice, salad and dipping sauces. I love meals where I get to try a little bit of lots of things (otherwise it’s hello, food envy) so this was my perfect way to eat! I also loved the experience of cooking it yourself which made the meal a little bit different , although I’ll admit I couldn’t help but wonder if they ever have problems with people giving themselves food poisoning if they didn’t cook their seafood or chicken properly!! It was all delicious, the wagyu beef was so tender it virtually melted in your mouth, it felt like a real treat to be able to eat such amazing quality meat! The portions didn’t look huge when it first came out, but it actually turned out to be the perfect amount to fill me up! I also liked how the cooking yourself made you appreciate and take your time over the meal that little bit more, paying attention to each mouthful and making it feel even more indulgent! The amazing savoury feast was rounded off with a delicious portion of icecream, also included in the set menu for the BBQ and again full of exotic Japanese flavours like chocolate & wasabi, caramel & soy sauce (their take on salted caramel) and vanilla & sake.



It wouldn’t be right to not mention the cocktails as well as the food! If you follow my instagram (and if you don’t, please hit me up at @rosieglow!) you’re probably aware that I love a good cocktail, and Sakagura has got to be my new top pick for fabulous cocktails in London! The variety on their menu and the unusual recipes are just amazing – they’ve given cocktail classics an exotic Japanese twist and mixed together some seriously amazing flavours for the most decadent cocktails I’ve had in a while! My favourite was the Lychee-tini, a gin, lychee, lavender and cherry concoction with added Sake! The Sakagura Sour was also yummy, a twist on the classic sour but again with added Sake for good measure! The most impressive though (although I didn’t drink it – Ali did) was the Hibiki Moyasu – the Sakagura take on the Old Fashioned, with Japanese whisky mixed with flavoured liqueurs and bitters and then smoked in a carafe before being poured at your table! The drinks gave the whole meal even more of a luxurious feel and I’d definitely recommend popping in just for cocktails if you ever fancy a treat!

All in all, the meal, service and atmosphere were all fabulous and I’d definitely recommend Sakagura Restaurant if you’re looking for a quality Japanese meal at a restaurant that’s a bit special. I’d love to try out the rest of their menu too as the choice was huge!


To find out more about Sakagura Restaurant, view their menus or make a booking visit their website here. A big thank you for the restaurant for inviting me and hosting us for this review!


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