Haché Burgers Brunch Review

I think you’ve probably all figured out by now that I love brunch. I’m a massive foodie, and count eating as one of my favourite hobbies…and for me brunch is the best meal there is! One of the perks of living in London is that there are an endless number of brunch spots to try. You can’t go anywhere these days without being faced with some sort of avocado-meets-eggs combo! Say what you like about us millennial not being able to afford to buy houses because we spend all our money on brunch (seriously, there’s an article here about us buying too much avocado to get on the property market * insert laughing crying face*), I still love it and I love nothing more than exploring a new part of London to seek out a new foodie spot!

My latest brunch exertion was to Haché  in Chelsea. They’ve got a load of different branches across the city but only a few so far that do brunch so I took a day trip on Sunday over to Chelsea to give it a try! Haché are best known for their yummy Parisian style burgers and the brunch menu is a new addition to their offering, so I was keen to see if it lived up to the rest of their delish menu! I took along my boyfriend and brunch partner in crime, Ali to help me try out as much of Haché’s brunch treats as possible! Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint. It was my first trip to the Chelsea branch on Fulham Road and the first thing that struck me about the restaurant was the lovely chilled Sunday vibe! The music was a laid-back Parisian ambience, the room light and airy with a beautiful old bar and parisian style tables, tiling and plenty of marble! It wasn’t too busy when we arrived, the perfect relaxed spot for a Sunday lunchtime! The rest of the diners were a mixture – quite a few families (with kids of different ages) and friends meeting up for a burger and a gossip, it seems like a great place for a friendly weekend catch up and I got the impression you wouldn’t be rushed if you wanted to stay and spend your afternoon sipping coffees (or mimosas) to your heart’s content!

The food itself was a real treat. I’d been for a run and yoga beforehand so was pretty famished by the time we arrived, luckily I was in the right place to spoil myself! I’m a self-confessed avo addict and am normally an avocado toast gal through and through, but I decided to push the boat out and go for the Full Parisian – their take on a fry up featuring eggs, smoked bacon, tomatoes, portobello mushroom, sweet potato fritter and the most delicious buttered sourdough toast I think I’ve ever eaten! Oh, and I added some extra avocado just for good measure 😉 Ali had the signature Brunch Burger – a steak burger with bacon, fried egg, and sweet potato hash brown, topped off with some seriously yummy coffee-ketchup! We couldn’t resist trying a bit more of the menu and also got a naughty side portion of chicken wings as well as one of their yummy maple & lemon waffles for ‘dessert’! A bit naughty, but after all brunch is breakfast and lunch rolled into one and the way I see it is there are no rules as to what you can include – sweet, savoury, lunch, eggs….now do you see why I love it so much?! For drinks, I tried to keep my healthy yoga vibe going in at least some way and tried their Clean Green juice (kale, apple, cucumber, mint & lime) while Ali played by the ‘no-rules’ brunch rule and ordered a Bloody Mary, which I won’t lie – I was pretty jealous of! We finished up with a couple of coffees to go with our waffle dessert. By the end we were both stuffed (but very happy, obv) and really impressed by the service and massive menu on offer. I’m sure I’ll be back again to try more of their brunch choices (avocado on toast, of course) and fingers crossed the brunch menu launches in some of their other North London branches near me soon!


 The Haché Brunch Menu is now available in their Chelsea, Balham and Clapham branches. To find out more, book or take a look at the menu, you can visit their website here. A big thank you to Haché for inviting me and hosting us for brunch!



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