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health and aesthetics clinichydrafacial clinicMost of the time I think I’m pretty lucky when it comes to my skin, it’s not perfect but at least it’s not the spotty mess it used to be in my teenage years (thank GOD). Most of the time it changes depending on how much sleep I’m getting/how much crappy food I’m eating and I’ll have good phases when it’s nice and clear and then horrid weeks where I have a load of breakouts at once and feel like a teenager again! Surely that’s not fair when I’m the grand old age of 27 but there you go…..

Anyway, all of this means I’m always on the hunt for the perfect treatments for my skin, whether that’s finding a new wonder product to use every day in my bathroom, trying out the latest facemask trend (I’m a sucker for anything with charcoal in right now…) or treating myself to a facial if I’m feeling a little more flash! I love getting the opportunity to try out a new facial treatment, so I was super excited to be invited along to health + aesthetics to try out their one-of-a-kind HydraFacial!

hydrafacial treatment

health + aesthetics

health + aesthetics is an award-winning state of the art clinic in Farnham, specialising in face & body aesthetics. The founder Dr Tailor provides consultations and treatments for whatever you need or whatever you want to improve or fix. I’m still on the fence about cosmetic surgery to be honest, no matter how much instal-celebs and likes of the Kardashians have normalised it. I’ll admit, I was tempted by trying out the botox this time, but I think it’s too soon (if ever) so I chose to review the non-invasive HydraFacial treatment instead. It gives instant results and instead of just improving the appearance of the skin, it works to restore your skin’s health and youthfulness – way better for someone my age than a treatment to just cover everything up!

When I arrived for my appointment, I had a consultation session with the lovely Dr Rekha Tailor the clinic’s medical director. She talked me through the HydraFacial procedure as well as covering off details of some of the other treatments on offer, and giving me some skincare advice. The best part was the skin analysis, where you have your face photographed by a 3D imaging system that looks at the different layers of your skin to analyse your complexion – not just in ways that you can see (eg. acne) but also assessing UV damage, skin age, pigmentation and wrinkle depth. As well as helping shape the treatments you chose, it can also be used as a before and after to see the skin’s improvement after time! It was a little bit daunting to try out – I was scared my skin age would come out as much older than my real age or something! Luckily, that didn’t happen and my results were pretty normal. Obviously there was room for improvement and I’m sure they wouldn’t have told me otherwise as that’s not really the point of the clinic! It would be a great tool to see your progress if you were going back for more treatments.

3d facial imaging

The HyrdaFacial

Then it was on to the HyrdaFacial itself! The treatment has 6 stages – Lymphatic Drainage, Cleansing & Exfoliation, Brightening with a gentle glycol solution to loosen debris from your pores, Extraction to remove blackheads, Hydration to plump up and replenish the skin and Rejuvenation, where red and infrared LED light is used to reduce redness and stimulate collagen production. Each stage is delivered through application of a serum onto the skin with a pen-like applicator that helps the ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Each serum contains antioxidants, vitamins and botanical ingredients to stimulate and restore the skin’s health. It’s quite a strange feeling but you can really tell it’s working – I don’t think my skin has ever felt so clean!

hydrafacial treatment cleansinghydrafacial inferred LED

The intial results from the HyrdaFacial are that your skin looks fresher, brighter, plumper and cleaner and I was happy to see the change straight away. The best part is that the nutrients work deeper in your skin to restore the health and produce even better results further down the line as the actual health of your skin improves rather than just the surface appearance. In the weeks since I had the treatment, I definitely think my skin looks healthier and people have even commented on it when I haven’t seen them for a while, something which hardly ever happens to me!! I was really pleased with the treatment and would really recommend it, whether you want a regular treatment to improve your skin, or just a quick instant boost in the lead up to an event or something like that! A big thank you to health + aesthetics for inviting me along to try the treatment.

To find out more about health + aesthetics, the HydraFacial or their other treatments, visit the website here. The HydraFacial treatment costs £120 per session, a  6 session course (buy 5 and get 1 FREE) is recommended for longer term results with approx. 4 weeks in between treatments.


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