TECH | Philips Everlite Headphones Review

I’ve always been a music lover, for as long as I can remember. From spending my teenage years surgically attached to my iPod, constantly hunting for new music and artists for my Uni radio show when I was studying Music at Manchester Uni, to these days spending my time creating the perfect Spotify playlists for any occasion and genuinely being happy it’s Monday so I have a new Spotify ‘Discover’ playlist to listen my way through, it’s safe to say I spend a lot of time listening to music. I’ve always been inspired by it and loved the way that having your headphones on as you go about your day can totally transform your mood and your experiences. As such, I always have a pair of headphones with me and am always excited to try out a new design! So when Philips asked me to test their new Everlite headphones, of course I said yes!

The Philips Everlite headphones are part of the new Flite range – constructed with ultralight materials and shaped to fit your head for the ultimate comfort and ease of wearing for any environment. It definitely helped that the new model comes in a stylish white and rose gold colourway. We all know how much of a sucker I am for anything copper, and I just couldn’t resist having some headphones that matched my (very co-ordinated) home office! They’re super lightweight too and I love the way they easily fold to be more compact – perfect for carrying around in your bag or for when you’re travelling.

I’m not going to lie, I am actually quite attached to my iPhone earphones and it’s rare that you see me with something else, but there’s something about a proper pair of headphones that I like. It’s a mixture of feeling a bit of retro nostalgia and loving having my ears totally enclosed in a bubble of music. I also tend to get a bit of discomfort on long trips with the earbud headphones so these are way more comfy. They’re a good size too – they make a stylish statement without looking ridiculously big for your head and making you look a bit too ‘cool’.

Soundwise, I was impressed with the quality for such an affordable model. There’s no sound-leaking (my absolute pet-hate – I can’t stand it when I’m on the tube and can hear someone else’s music coming out of their headphones – who’s with me on the headphone rage?!) and the sound quality you get is generally great. I think due to the fit (and probably the smallish size of my head) the sound can be a little bit tinny on some songs where the bass doesn’t come through enough. When pressing them closer to my ears, the volume and bass/treble balance is a lot better, so I think it might be that I need to sort out the fit more than anything! It’s worth mentioning that I do often have this problem with full-size headphones as they sometimes don’t fit my head properly! I found that I had to have the volume up high to totally appreciate the sound quality.

Overall for a £34.99 pair of headphones, I think that these are a great buy! So many headphones these days are so expensive (Beats…here’s lookin’ at you) and it’s not always worth the price. If you’re looking for a pair that are stylish, lightweight enough to use day to day with a good fit and great sound quality then I definitely recommend the Philips Everlite.

To find out more about Philips Everlite Headphones or the Flite range head here, or to buy your own pair of Philips Everlite headphones, head to Argos here.


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