TRAVEL | 35 Amazing Experiences on the Norwegian Getaway Cruise

So I spent a week on the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship and it was probably one of the best weeks, well…ever! I had never even considered going on a cruise before but it turns out there are a million more things to do on a Cruise than you’d think and I had a pretty insane time trying to do as many of them as possible. Obviously I couldn’t try it all, but here’s a snapshot of what I did get up to and why maybe when you’re booking your next Summer holiday, you should think about a cruise! So here goes…35 awesome experiences I had on the Norwegian Getaway!

1. Wave goodbye to the Miami skyline

I’ll never forget seeing this view from my very own balcony the moment I walked into my stateroom – that was the moment I realised what a surreal and amazing trip I had arrived on!

norwegian getaway cruise miami skyline

2. Learn a dance routine

Yes, twosome the Norwegian Getaway might be a little bit like a floating Butlins, but learning cheesy dance moves as the ship sailed out of port at the Sail Away party was actually super fun….I quickly learned that the best way to enjoy cruise life was to dive straight in and try everything!

3. Drink a Bahama Mama

This was the first drink I had on the boat – I couldn’t tell you what was in it or even if it tasted good, but we kept ordering just for the name!

4. Walk the plank

On the high ropes course, obvs. You could climb across ladders, bridges and tightropes and even walk the plank suspended right out over the ocean – if you were brave enough! It was worth it just for the endless sea views.

norwegian getaway cruise high ropes plank

5. See a Broadway Musical

Or two, in the on-board theatre! Both Million Dollar Quartet and Burn the Floor were incredible shows, and one of my trip highlights!

6. Learn to Salsa with the cast of Burn the Floor

There were dance class every day on deck, from line dancing to samba….it would have been rude not to try one!

7. Eat in a different restaurant every night of the week

The Norwegian Getaway is renowned for having amazing on-board food options, from seafood restaurants to Teppanyaki and the most amazing steakhouse. Did I eat way too much every day of the trip? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.

norwegian getaway cruise restaurants

8. Go boating in Harvest Caye

norwegian getaway cruise harvest cage

9. Drink in an Ice Bar in the middle of the ocean

Because why not drink out of an ice glass wearing a poncho while you’re floating in the middle of the caribbean? It makes total sense….

norwegian getaway cruise ice bar

10. Order 4 different types of chicken wings at 3am

O’Sheehans Irish bar was our saviour for late-night drunken munchies!

norwegian getaway cruise food

11. Drink a fireball

I met a new drink while I was cruising. It was soon my favourite shot, and quickly became the drink of the trip!

12. Do some open air dancing on deck

We danced at Spice H20 bar every night in the open air of the top deck. There was no better feeling of freedom than partying in the warm night air while sailing through the ocean!

norwegian getaway cruise

13. Check out some very strange artwork in the on-board art auction

There are no words. All I know is I want to meet the person who created this masterpiece.

norwegian getaway cruise art auction

14. Sing along to rock classics with your chef as he cooks for you at Teppanyaki

Honestly, this guy was a stand-up genius! And his food tasted incredible.

15. Try 5 different types of Mojito at Sugarcane Mojito bar

With over 20 choices on the menu, it would be rude not to right?!

norwegian getaway cruise cocktails

16. Eat a 32 oz steak at Cagney’s Steakhouse

Best. Steak. Ever.

17. Go tequila tasting in Mexico

We went tequila tasting and snorkelling in the same trip….apparently health and safety isn’t a big thing in Mexico…

norwegian getaway cruise tequila

18. Come back to your stateroom to find a towel animal on your bed every night

The funniest (and freakiest) thing to come back to in your room after a night out!

norwegian getaway cruise

19. Watch the sunset from the top-deck spa

Spa heaven.

norwegian getaway cruise spa

20. Throw a cocktail party in a hot tub

norwegian getaway cruise pool

21. Eat & drink as much as you like without leaving your sun lounger

norwegian getaway cruise

22. Get over-excited going souvenir shopping

I was this close to buying this sombrero….until I realised it wouldn’t fit in my luggage and I’d have to wear it on the plane!

norwegian getaway cruise mexico

23. Drink Corona on a beach in Mexcio and and pretend you’re in a corona advert

norwegian getaway cruise corona

24. Dance with the locals in Honduras
25. See nothing but sea

I think I could have looked at this view every day forever…there’s nothing like open water!

26. Play the maracas

While wearing a mini sombrero…obviously.

27. Watch the poolside entertainment

There was always something happening by the pool – my personal favourite has got to be the ‘Mr Sexy Legs’ contest where random cruisers entered and had to dance to impress the judges (also random cruisers….) I laughed until I cried.

28. Go late-night bowling

In an Irish pub…on a ship floating in the Caribbean….yeah sure!

29. Join an impromptu pool party on deck

Apparently you just can’t hold cruisers down when it comes to pool parties.

30. Go snorkelling in turquoise seas off the coast of Mexico

Without a doubt the most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen,

mexico costa maya

31. Look at the views from your balcony at night

Watching the sea in the dark late at night was an amazing feeling.

cruise selfie

32. Eat a whole platter of seafood to yourself at Ocean Blue

Lobster, Red Snapper and giant prawns. Yes, I’m a sucker for seafood and the food at Ocean Blue was incredible. And yes, of course I ate it all.

norwegian getaway cruise ocean blue

33. Do a photoshoot on your balcony

The fashion blogger inside me just couldn’t resist.

norwegian cruise outfit

34. Slide down an (almost) vertical waterslide on deck

It felt way more vertical than it looks in this picture nd was actually pretty scary. You stand in the pod at the top and the floor falls away to send you plummeting down the slide – very addictive if you’re a closet adrenalin junkie like me!

norwegian getaway cruise waterslide

35. Spend a week hanging out with the best press trip family ever!

Yes, the trip was amazing, but what made it the most amazing was the group of people I spent it with! They were the craziest, funniest family to have for a week – we even named ourselves the Fireball family. Special shoutout to Belinda from NCL’s press team – thank you for organising the trip of a lifetime! To find out more about Norwegian Getaway cruises check out the NCL website here.


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