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I’ve got a bit of a confession to make…I’m actually pretty terrible when it comes to beauty treatments! Don’t get me wrong, I love bit of pampering, but I’ve never quite got the hang of being one of those girls who always has their nails on point or their skin in great condition! Working in fashion for so long really made me realise just how lazy I am when it comes to the normal girly beauty treatments and I think it’s about time something changed! The only problem I have is knowing which salon to go to…there are so many options in London but it can be hard to tell where to go for a great treatment, good service and a good price. So when Sorbet got in touch and asked me to try some of their beauty treatments ready for Christmas at Sorbet beauty salon in Crouch End I of course said yes! They have a few branches across London – Crouch End, Muswell Hill and this week they have just opened a new branch in East Finchley. I was lucky enough to be treated to a Dermalogica facial, Gelish manicure and an eyebrow tint and thread – a real afternoon of pampering! The treatments were fab and I was so happy with the results.

Dermalogica Facial Treatment

I hadn’t had a facial with Dermalogica products before but I’d been dying to try some out so it was a real treat. They used the Special Cleansing Gel, the Daily Microfoliant, the Skin Smoothing Cream and an incredible all-over face mask. My skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards; clearer, softer and really purified and hydrated. I liked the products a lot more than is often the case with some facials and they seemed to really work – I’ll definitely be buying some of them to use at home! The treatment lasted 60 minutes and usually costs £55. It was super relaxing and you had a lot of great products used for the price, so I’d definitely say it’s worth it compared to other facials I’ve tried around the same price. Sorbet offers a range of different Dermalogica facials depending on your skin needs, from anti- to power brightening (£60 for 60 minutes) and also customised facials (£70 for 60 minutes) so you’re guaranteed to find a treatment that suits your skin! You can check out all their facial treatments here.

Gelish Manicure

I was in love with my gel mani too (actually my first time trying the Gelish polishes). It was perfect timing getting gels done just before I went away to the Caribbean and they lasted perfectly for the trip! I chose a gorgeous taupe shade  that went with everything and I was really pleased with the gel shine finish and how well they lasted. I’m terrible when it comes to my nails, my fingernails just chip so easily that normal polish barely lasts at all! This mani definitely converted me to the benefits of getting Gelish rather than just polish, and I think it’s something I’ll add to my regular beauty regime from now on. The Power Mani treatment I chose was lovely too, including a gorgeous hand and arm scrub and massage with beautiful smelling products which was a real treat! Sorbet’s mani/pedi treatments start from £14/16 for a quick file buff & polish with OPI nail polish and go up to £35/£40 for the Power treatment with Gelish polish. See more on the site here.

Eyebrow Thread & Tint

This is one beauty treatment that I do actually have all the time! Ever since discovering HD brows about 4 years ago when I was living in Manchester, I haven’t been able to live without eyebrow tinting and having someone else shape them for me. Similar to having your hair cut, it is always slightly nerve-wracking when you try a new brow treatment. Having them done has such an effect on your face and I’m constantly in fear of getting it wrong and ending up with super dark/overplucked/skinny brows so I do get a little bit nervous when I try out a new salon. I had nothing to worry about here though, they shaped my brows just how I like them! The tint was really carefully done, sometimes I feel like my brows are too full on the first day I get them done but that wasn’t the case this time at all. I was really happy with the results and they lasted really well too!

Sorbet Beauty Salon

All in all, I had a wonderful trip to Sorbet beauty salon, they had booked me in for back to back appointments so I felt very pampered by the end of the afternoon. The salon itself is really sleek and spacious and felt very calm while I was there – unusual for this time of year when everyone is getting pampered ready for Christmas parties! I was really well looked after by the staff and was really happy with my treatments so would definitely visit again – maybe I’ll try out the new Finchley branch soon!

If you’re North London based and interested in trying a Sorbet Beauty Salon, there’s 25% off all treatments at the new East Finchley branch until the end of December! See more on their website here.



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