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I’ve wanted to try out a fitness tracker for ages, so I was super excited when Misfit asked me to review their new Ray fitness & sleep tracker. I care about my fitness a lot, but I don’t always have masses of time for it and I don’t do regular workouts like going to the gym that might be easier to track, so I’m always intrigued to find out how healthy my regular lifestyle (and some yoga and running thrown in) keeps me! As someone who is pretty desk bound for their job, I often wonder if I am moving enough, getting enough steps per day and that kind of thing. I am often also a bit crazy (read: a nervous mess) about getting enough sleep. Before I left my job and relationship, I was sleeping really badly and I didn’t realise how much harm it was doing me. Honestly it’s one of the things that instantly made a big difference when I changed my lifestyle. Sleeping restlessly and not getting enough hours or a deep enough sleep can really affect your mood and mindset as well as the obvious things like energy and productivity so it’s something I really try and prioritise! Having said that, I have always wanted to use a sleep tracker to see how well I am actually sleeping. I have weeks where I’m super tired for no apparent reason so I’m hoping it might help me figure that one out too! The Misfit Ray is a stylish new tracker that links up with an app on your phone to measure your steps, activity, calories and sleep. I’ve been wearing my Misfit Ray for the last week while I test it out and I’m really pleased with it so far.

Activity Tracking

 The main premise is pretty simple – you create a profile and set daily health goals to work to and it auto tracks your activity and sleep and syncs the results through to the app, giving you points for each activity that then add up to hit your daily target. It’s a great way to help inspire you to be more active, for example I’ve already started trying to walk around more to ‘up’ my steps points. You can also set a movement reminder so the band vibrates when you’ve been sitting still for too long and reminds you to get active! It’s perfect for me as I spend most of my working day sat at a desk and often don’t realise how little I move as the time passes without me realising! It’s a really effective wake up call to realise you need to get more active. When you have done an activity, you can manually add the details after you’ve done them or set it to track them while you workout, plus you can also set up your most common activity (mine is running) so that you don’t have to use the app when you’re doing it – you can just tap three times on the metal band itself for it to start tracking you. It even has an option to track your activity when you’re doing yoga which is perfect for me! I love that it has a real variety of activity options; basketball, football, swimming, cycling, running, walking, yoga and even dancing can all be tracked to gain activity points. Who knows, I might even be able to hit my activity targets when I’m on a night out dancing now which will make me feel a little bit better when I party late!

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking element of the app was something I was really interested in. I try to get the recommended 8 hours per night but often worry that I’m not sleeping well enough for it to be as beneficial as it could be even when I go to bed at the right time. So this sleep tracker is great for me as it analyses your sleep and shows you when you are sleeping lightly, deeply, or any time when you wake up. There is also an alarm option where you can set a time to wake up by and it will wake you up gradually by the band vibrating on your wrist. It analyses your sleep patterns to wake you at a time that is boost beneficial for you and will help you to wake up feeling the most refreshed! It’s something that I’ve wanted to try out for a while as I often find I wake up feeling groggy even when I’ve had 8 hours sleep, so I’m hoping I’ll discover that this helps me out! The only thing that I’d love to see more of is feedback on the results the app gives you (mostly for your sleep, but in general too) so you can see what you can do to improve your health further and feel even better!

Other features

Another useful feature of the Ray is that you can link it with other apps on your phone, such as Apple Health and MyFitnessPal. This is great if you also want to monitor your calorie intake! You can easily record what you’re eating using the Ray app and your camera to upload pics and pull through data to myfitnesspal. There are also options to record your estimate heart rate and weight whenever you like. It’s a great way to set longer term goals and see your progress as you build up the info in your daily “story” on the app to see how you’re doing. I always find that it can be difficult to record and monitor your health stats over a long period of time, losing where you’ve written something down or forgetting where you were at a few months ago, so the idea of recording it all in one place is a really great way to help improve your overall health.

The Misfit Ray

The look of the Misfit Ray band itself is one of the selling points for me. I love the sleek design and the fact that when you’re wearing it, it looks like it could just be a piece of jewellery. I’m silly about things like that, and would be put off wearing a fitness band 24/7 if it didn’t look good with what I was wearing, so the style of the Ray really appealed to me! I have the black and silver version, but there are some super stylish design options to chose from, including rose gold and gold metal detailing and cream and grey leather straps, which would be perfect and on trend with any outfit at the moment! Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Misfit Ray as a fitness tracker, it’s a great looking bit of tech and the options the app gives you are great. I think for someone who doesn’t work on their health as much, the goals will be super useful and I think with a bit more exploring, I’ll be able to improve my health using it too!

The Misfit Ray is available online from from £79.99 (currently some styles are also on sale at £63.99!). To see the full collection of Misfit Ray fitness & sleep trackers & shop for your own, visit the website here.



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