LG Music Flow P5 Review




Not many of you might know this, but music has always (and always will be) my first love. I’ve spent most of my life listening, playing and singing it and even though it hasn’t turned out as my career, or even much of a hobby (except the odd occasion when I find time to strum away on my guitar) these days, it will always have a very big space in my heart. Luckily I haven’t lost my passion for listening to music, and I still love the fact that listening to the right track can totally change my mood and my day. Even shooting this post, I wasn’t feeling in a great state of mind beforehand (moving house this weekend has totally sapped my energy!) but as soon as I switched on the LG Music Flow P5 to test out for this review and put on my trustiest chill-out playlist on Spotify, I could feel myself get 100% happier straight away! The power of music, eh?

On to the speaker itself….I’ve tried and tested quite a few different bluetooth speakers recently – it’s one of my fave ways to listed to music these days because it’s so portable and easy to just link up to your phone (the only place I store music these days thanks to Spotify!) This one has really impressed me though. The sound quality is amazing, and I can’t believe the volume you can get out of something so small, you could honestly use it for a house party it’s that loud! One of the main things I worry about with small speakers like this is the sound quality, especially the bass, but the sound on this is so clear it’s almost as if the band is in the room with you! I can tell that this cute speaker is going to be a fixture in my new pad, plus the monochrome design fits perfectly with the aesthetic of my new room! I love it!

If you fancy listening to some of the music I’ve been playing on my LG Music Flow P5, check out my spotify playlist here. LG are also giving one lucky winner the chance to meet Ed Sheeran, one of my chill-out playlist heros! You can enter the comp here. Good luck!

LG Music Flow P5*


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  1. Ashley
    4th November 2015 / 6:33 am

    Sounds great! I love speakers as well. Makes the music even more vibrant!