The classic white shirt.











    When I’m working, I often find that there are days of the week that I make more effort with how I look. On a Monday, all the girls in the office seem to start the week with enough energy to think about what they’re wearing (and look fresh-faced from the weekend!) and on a Friday my weekend-excitement is usually reflected by a cute outfit that I can more often than not also wear to the bar round the corner for a cheeky drink after work! The middle of the week, well, let’s just say I easily let my style slide in favour of a few extra minutes sleep in the morning. I find myself slipping into fail-safe classic styles and at the moment it seems that, from 9-6pm every week day at least, monochrome is my life.

Let’s face it, if you’re stuck for something to wear monochrome is always a winner. When I put my dark clothes in the laundry I am always a little shocked at how many pairs of jeans I own (I mean, how many does one person need really? Does it justify it if they are all ripped in slightly different places on the knees?) but more often than not they are my work outfit staple and the perfect base for any look. For this outfit I decided to pair them with an oversized white shirt from Motel that I have been struggling to decide how to style for months until this half-tucked brainwave came to me, some heeled mules and of course my trusty leather jacket. This could easily be my work uniform if I had to choose one, and in fact the rest of the girls in my team all turned up in varying versions of the same thing in the same week so maybe it should be our new social media team look!

What do you think of today’s outfit?

Shirt – Motel

Jeans – boohoo

Jacket – Mango

Shoes – Daniel Footwear


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