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February is here and what is probably the most equally romantic and dreaded day of the year is fast approaching…Valentine’s Day. I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s. Not for any singleton, “I hate boys” reasons (#singlegalprobs), but because I’m just not into the whole cheesy, loved-upness of it all. To be honest I find the whole thing quite forced, and if I’m going to celebrate being in love, I’d rather do it on a day and in a way that isn’t what someone’s telling me I should do!
That said, there are some romantic traditions that are never cheesy or over-done, and buying beautiful flowers is one of them. Now that I’ve moved into my own flat, I don’t like to ever be without flowers in at least one room (preferably all of them) and yes, I’ll admit that I am often that girl who goes to the shop and buys a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers for herself (no word of a lie, last weekend I checked out at Aldi on my own with only a bottle of prosecco and a bunch of roses. And yes the cashier did give me a weird look – #yolo). 
My current beau has never actually bought me flowers – maybe this blog post will inspire him – so I was very happy when Appleyard offered to send me some of their new Valentine’s range to review on my blog. For a girl who’s used to Aldi’s finest (read: cheapest) blooms, these roses are beyond beautiful. A huge bouquet of gorgeous colours, wrapped perfectly and they lasted for absolutely ages too. I just wish my coffee table could look this pretty all the time! I’ll definitely be asking for some if I do decide to celebrate Valentine’s this year, or maybe I’ll be buying some for myself in retaliation against tradition – I’ve got my eyes on these beauties next! 
You can check out Appleyard Flowers here.


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