This is a love song

 Skirt & Top Co-ord – This is a Love Song
Flatforms – Desire Clothing
Necklace – Chelsea Doll
Bag – boohoo
Ah, if only the weather was still this sunny this weekend! I took these photos last week when the sun finally came out for long enough for me to wear some of the more Summery outfits that I’ve had stashed away at the back of my wardrobe.This TIALS two-piece co-ord has beenon my list to blog about for ages, but it’s so gorgeous and Summery that I didn’t want to waste it on a day when the weather would ruin the photos. It’s a good job I saved it realy because these holographic flatforms arrived in the post this week and I realised they’d be perfect together! My love of all things holographic is still going strong as you can probably tell!
I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far – I am pretty excited to have Bank Holiday Monday off work too – a 3 day weekend just feels so much better than a normal weekend, don’t cha think? I’m currently trying to come up with an exciting plan for the extra day off…maybe a day trip? If any of you have exciting plans or ideas then send them my way….answers on a postcard!
What do you think of today’s look?


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