this love will be your downfall

Yes, yes. We all know it’s Topshop – home of overpricing and clothes that you’re guaranteed to buy, walk out of the shop and see at least 2 other girls wearing on the street in the next 5 minutes…but right now I just don’t care!

Rookie mistake I know, but I went into Topshop yesterday with no money to spend…and surprise surprise I wanted everything!! I am literally loving their A/W lines! From leopard print, to camel, to floral, knitted and retro, they’re covering all the trends I want to be laying my hands on this season…I can’t believe it’s been until now that I waited to go in there (although probably a good thing because if I’d visited earlier in the term, my student loan would have been gone in a flash!)

Anyway, amazingly, I controlled myself (for now at least) but decided I would post you all a Topshop Top Ten of the things I most most most most wanted out of the many beautiful racks and rails….sigh.

 Topshop Top Ten

1. Grid Beaded Neckline Dress
It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture online, but this dress was gorgeous in the shop. The material and colour made it feel so luxury and the elasticated waist band and shift style of it would make it really easy to wear even though it would look beautiful.

2.Leopard Print Fur Coat
I know I posted this as one of my lusted-after items a while back, but I still haven’t bought it…so I’m still allowed to want it, right?! On the Topshop website, they have a “student style” section and leopard print features heavily, which made me very happy….and want to buy stuff!

3. Leopard Print Beret
My love for leopard print (and apparently everyone else’s) is a little out of control. I love hats, especially in winter, so this beret is right up there on my must-haves.

4.Gold Bandeau Dress
I’m not sure why, but this dress really caught my eye. It’s not really my usual style, but party season is indeed approaching and I think this is the perfect dress for it!

5. Tapered Trousers
Words cannot describe just HOW MUCH I want these trousers! They are so beautiful – high waisted, tapered, ankle skimming and this season’s camel! Literally the first thing I will be buying as soon as I have money!

6. Nude Mary-Janes
I had some nude heels that got totally destroyed and so these couldn’t help but catch my eye. Nude heels do that amazing trick of making your legs look miles long, and the killer-high but chunky-enough-to-walk heels on these would be perfect.

7.Black and White Tunic Dress
My house-mate Louisa has this dress and as soon as she brought it home with her, I loved it! again, so easy to wear but perfect monochrome chic. I can really see it with some patterned tights and my bowler hat!

8. Poloaroid Tunic
I want and love this so much. Bang on the urbanoutfitters-esque retro, geek-chic trend, it would look so cute with leggings, boots and a couple of retro pendant necklaces.

9.Fur Stole
The fur trend is hitting the big-time and a stole is a really good and easy way to add it to any old outfit, especially if the whole fur coat thing scares you off!

10. Brown Leather Satchel
I am a huuuuge fan of the vintage satchel-bag trend (I have a really cute one from a charity shop which I’ve literally worn to death) and this one is oh-so-cute!

So there you have it; the things I will most definitely be spending my money on if and when I ever get it! Topshop is such a massive win at the moment, so get yourselves down there if you can! And there’s 10% student discount always, which helps 😉

Rosie x


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  3. Jay
    27th October 2010 / 4:23 am

    great picks! I love them all! 🙂

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