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One of the things I missed the most about not living in Manchester for the summer was the amazing vintage shopping. The Northern Quarter is perfect for traipsing around and rummaging through for some proper finds, but one of my favourite haunts is COW; a sort of vintage version of American Apparel. I absolutely love it! It always has great clothes and great music – literally just walking in there amkes me happy. Although it goes against quite a few of the fundamentals of vintage shops that I particularly enjoy – the piles of stuff to hunt through, the cheap cheap prices – the things in there are all carefully picked and really really good, which kind of makes up for the extra expense! 
Basically, I love it and can never resist having a peek whenever I get off the bus in town (it’s handily right next to the bus stop)  so when I heard that they were having a “Student Lock In” night, with 15% off everything, DJs and free beer, I just had to go! 
It was really really great, they’d got new stock in just for the event so there was tons of stuff I would have loved to buy! The great thing about Cow is that as well as all the usual vintage finds, they respond to the high-street trends as well, so there were tons of sheepskin-collared coats, statement jackets and all sorts of bang on trend stuff too. I could have bought millions, but I am a poor student, so all I came away with was the Harley Davidson T-shirt, pictured above (as well as many a free beer!) I was totally in love with the black and white sequinned jumper though, but decided I’d do some more vintage rummaging to try and find a cheaper version!
So, if any of you are ever in Manchester, definitely take a lookie. They have branches in Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham too, and I even came across a COW stall at Glastonbury this year – so they are spreading! 
In other news, Uni is going well – I only have 5 and a half hours a week so there’s really no excuse for this lack of blog posting! Had my first lectures last Wednesday and they were all really good, my new house is amazing (as well as my house-mates!) and it’s just great to be back 🙂

Rosie x


  1. Nura
    12th October 2010 / 6:00 am

    sure we do, you got a new follower!
    your blog is great,

    love Nura from ‘World Of Fashion Inspiration’

  2. Vintage Vixen
    11th October 2010 / 7:19 pm

    I love Cow! I bought a fantastic dress from their Glasto stand last year, it was only £7 and gets so much attention. xxx

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