i’m having fun don’t put me down

Polka-dot Playsuit – Primark
Leaotard – Urban Outfitters
Clock Pendant – Oxfam
Hey hey. So today I’ve spent a long old time experimenting with my photo-taking for this blog so I thought I’d better post some of the results. Did a few outfits (but will save some for another time!) and I think I’ve got it cracked. Although my posing skills are definitely not up to scratch! Haha, I’ll work on it!

I was thinking today, I guess it’s kind of strange posting pictures of your own outfits on the internet, but a weird part of me finds it fun. I love fashion and trying out new styles and I guess this is just a way to share that creativity…if you think about it deep enough I guess it’s like being an artist; you’re wearing your creation and want people to be able to see it! I sound like a bit of a loser/Carrie Bradshaw right now so I’m going to stop but it just got me thinking, mainly ‘cos I haven’t really told any friends about this blog yet and I realised it’s probably ‘cos they might think it was odd putting up photos of myself, like it’s just cos I like posing all over the internet, which it isn’t, I just find fashion interesting!

Anyway, I wore this playsuit today, firstly ‘cos it never fails to make me happy, it’s so easy to wear and also because I feel I should cling on to the summer for all it’s worth – I know the time is fast approaching when I won’t be able to kid myself anymore, so for now I’m hanging onto any glimmer of sunshine I can get!

Haven’t been up to much else interesting today to be honest. I’ve recently had an operation on my throat (been having voice troubles – I’m a singer, so had to get it sorted!) so I can’t talk very much which stops me from going out or seeing people very much. I’ve found myself completely broke and two weeks to go until I’m back at Uni, and I don’t have a job, so I’ve been doing really mind-numbing jobs for my Mum like cleaning the oven. She’s ill with M.E so she can’t do anything herself at the moment so she pays me really well! That sounds awful, I’m not taking advantage of her illness at all!!! It’s pretty boring stuff  but oh well, I can listen to the radio – had it on for Radio One’s Wonder Years whilst doing it yesterday and it was amazing, I was dancing to old-school Five and Christina Aguilera whilst cleaning!! It was such good times. And my Mum was ridiculously happy about how clean her kitchen was (literally thought she was going to cry!) that it kind of made it at least a little worthwhile! Haha…oh dear how mundane is my life?!

Never mind, having a big family get together tommorrow which will be nice – my cousins are coming over which’ll be lovely. I’m already trying to decide what to wear because my cousin Amy always looks so good when they come over – I’m constantly feeling I haven’t made enough effort! Better get planning…

Right, I’m gonna be off – I need some beauty sleep – but I’ll be posting tommorrow for sure. In the meantime, please add yourself to my followers if you like this blog!!


Rosie x



  1. Style of a Fashionista
    12th September 2010 / 9:04 am

    That playsuit is super cute fab pictures too.

    The Bertie Blogger Event is open to everybody enjoy your xoxo

  2. Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma)
    12th September 2010 / 1:57 am

    that playsuit is so cute. lovely blog. now following so feel free to follow back


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