go on, inspire me

So here’s my first inspiration for the week. I found it whilst stumbling around the internet using StumbleUpon. Does anyone else use that? Seriously, it’s great…apart from the fact it’s proved to be a huuuge distraction from me doing any work at Uni! But it’s amazing, you install a toolbar from www.stumbleupon.com, chose prefernces of what kinds of site you’d like to find, then press a button and it takes you to random sites across the web that you might find interesting! I love it; you end up finding things you never would otherwise: admittedly some of them you would never normally want to, but more often than not, you stumble upon a real gem, like this one here at www.graphicpoetry.net/index.html.

The artist is W.C Pelon and his art consists of delicate but powerful combinations of tiny poetry and photograph backgrounds. Once on the site, you have to click the back button under the works to go through the archive, which is a little confusing, but there are loads of them, and they are all so beautiful! They really inspired me to both write poetry and take more photos, and I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of the idea first!!

Rosie x


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