from paris to berlin

Photos 1,3 and 5                                                                  Photo 2                                                          Photo 4    
Polka dot skater skirt – Miss Selfridge                                       Cream Lace Dress – Primark                                Cropped Harem Pants – New Look
Black vest top – Topshop                                                        Denim Jacket                                                   Black Ballet Pumps – Topshop
Leopard Print Cardigan – Charity Shop                                     Tapestry Bag and Belt – Charity Shop                   Denim Jacket – Primark
Cream shoes – New Look                                                                                                                              Scarf – Vintage
Sungalsses – Topshop

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d upload some snaps I took when I went to Berlin this summer.
It’s really an amazing city, it has everything! There’s so much history, obviously with WWII and the Berlin Wall, and art – both old galleries of German painters and small boutiques of modern work. It’s an eclectic mixture of old and new, with baroque-style catherdals mixed in with winding lanes of Indie clothes boutiques and designer stores. I absolutely loved it! However, my highlight was the East Side Gallery , a 1.3 km long stretch of surviving Berlin Wall which was opened up to artists to each graffiti their own section of it, creating a huge mural all along the wall. The images range from political to beautiful (or sometimes both) but it’s a beautiful expression of the freedom Berlin found after the fall of the Wall in 1989.

The graffiti and street art around Berlin really was what made it unique. It was in a completely different league from the graffiti we are use to here and really was an art form across the streets of the city. As you can see, I couldn’t get enough of taking pictures of it!

I really would recommend Berlin as a city break – there’s just so much to see! Fashion is huge, with designers and independent boutiques galore, and vintage is a big contribution to this, with areas of the city dedicated to second-hand boutiques. It really inspired me to dress with a more individual style, clashing patterns and colours, as you can see in the photos! All of this mingled in with the countless coffee houses and tiny indie bars, as well as the cultural and historical side of things, and some amazing club-nights out makes for an amazing trips. I only went for 4 days but I would love to go back, I could have stayed for much longer!

Rosie x


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  3. Style of a Fashionista
    11th September 2010 / 6:44 pm

    amazing pictures what a cool location to take outfit pictures loving your leopard print cardi. xoxo

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