can’t stop moving i can’t keep still

Skirt – H and M
Tshirt – My brother’s
Clock pendant – Oxfam
This isn’t what I wore today, cos I actually spent the day trying to earn money from my Mum so I was bumming about in a old tshirt and shorts – not exactly picture worthy! These are just from when I was testing out my camera, I didn’t really like them at the time, but thought I’d just put them up anyway and see 🙂
Not much to report, so I’m gonna to a fashion focus on one of the items I think is hitting it big this Autumn/Winter. 

Style Crush – The Bowler Hat
Fearne Cotton
Fearne Cotton
ad3lle on Chictopia
thehautepursuit on Chictopia

As you can see, you really can wear it with anything! I fancy trying it with some nautical inspired outfits, or maybe even a more dressy bodycon dress as well as the boho styles shown. I love Fearne cotton’s “just thrown on” attitude too though, and will definitley be trying to recreate that when I buy one! Check out ad3lle’s page on Chictopia for loads of great how-to-wear ideas (as well as great style in general!) and I love this one by lululetty too!
Basically, I really think it is the hat of the season; it adds instant chic to anything! Can’t wait til I have one – although I fear I may be wearing it every day as soon as I do!!
Rosie x


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  3. Style of a Fashionista
    13th September 2010 / 7:47 pm

    I saw a sort of bowler hat in H&M today cool images of super stylish girlies.

    You look awesome loving that skirt and how you styled it xoxo

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