blame it on the weatherman

Shorts – Topshop
Top – H and M
Necklace – Topshop

Here’s what I wore today; embracing the classic fashion blogger look with my breton top from H an M! These high-waisted shorts were an absolute winner: from Topshop Moto, but I bought them from Ebay for less than half the price! I’ve got a renewed love for Ebay recently; I’ve bought loads of really good, high quality stuff from there lately but at a fraction of it’s normal price – I would recommend it to anyone! 

I must admit, I was inspired to buy this top by my new fashion crush LLYMLRS on and I’m in love with it already – so easy to wear, nice and loose fitting and looks great tucked in to high-waisted things or baggier over leggings or whatnot. Love it!
So I donned this outfit thinking it was gonna be a lovely sunny day (as it was baking this morning) and by 2pm it was pouring with rain! Oh dear, well at least I looked chic whilst I sat inside watching Sex and the City rather than sunbathing, haha. 

I’ve been joining up to some new things to try and get this blog out there. So please follow this blog if you like it! And feel free to leave comments if you have any ideas!

Here’s some for a lookie: 


Both of which are great sites for exploring fashion ideas anyway, I get loads of inspirations for people’s looks on there, so have a mosey 🙂

Anway, please comment with your opinions on this blog, or ask me anything on 

Rosie x

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  4. Katie
    10th September 2010 / 2:43 pm

    Ooh I love that outfit! I really want some high waisted shorts but summer is over 🙁

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