A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa launch in Debenhams on Oxford Street. The brand’s iconic spa from New York has finally made it’s way across to the UK, and there was a lot of excitement amongst the beauty crowd about it’s arrival! I popped along to check it out on the opening night and absolutely loved what I saw! The Elizabeth Arden concession in store already has regular beauty counters where you can grab a Speed Service if you’re on the go. I got to try out the 15-minute Oxygen… View Post

  I love trying out a new fragrance, especially when it’s a new season. Is it just me who kind of wants to have different perfumes for different times of year? The latest one I’ve tried out is Katy Perry Mad Love. I’m not going to lie, I often steer away from celebrity fragrances with the assumption that they won’t smell as good but this one really surprised me! First things first, can we talk about how cute the bottle is?! Blush pink and marble, it’s seriously perfect for everyone’s insta-feeds right now! I love the marble stopper and the cute fairytale potion… View Post

  One of the trends I’m really loving this season is the pyjama shirt. I’ve never been all that good at wearing normal collared shirts, even though I love the look of them on other people. For some reason a buttoned up collar on me just looks weird (hard to explain without showing you, but you’ll have to trust me!) so I don’t wear shirts as much as I’d like. The pyjama shirt though is perfect for me, because I can still embrace the shirt vibe without any collar issues! I also can’t seem to get enough of dusky pink… View Post

I pretty much spent the whole of last Autumn & Winter lusting after the Acne Velocite jacket. There were a few high street dupes around (I had the boohoo version, obv) but not very many, and definitely not any that lived up to the beauty of the original. As much as I wish I could drop that kind of dollar on a jacket that I didn’t know would stay in style, sadly I’m not at that kind of place in my life yet (maybe one day!) so I had to resign myself to missing out on the jacket of my dreams….This… View Post

This season for me has been all about style staples. My style has evolved a lot over the past year or so, partly from working in fashion and spending most of my time in an office, partly from moving to London, and partly I think just from getting  bit older (sigh) and less crazy in my outfit choices! I really like the change though, I’m finding myself buying more key pieces than impulse buys and going for more classic looks that I can re-wear from season to season. Marks & Spencer to me will always be a place for classic… View Post